Happy 70th Anniversary, AHS!

1st AHS Awards Banquet"Seventy years ago, on February 25, 1943, twenty-six year old Edward Katzenberger stood up in a high school in Stratford, Connecticut and called a meeting to order. Those in attendance had gathered with an ambitious goal in mind – to establish an organized scientific society capable of attracting and holding the attention of an entire industry in disseminating information on what were then called rotating-wing aircraft. At that meeting, they founded the American Helicopter Society."

Read more in the March-April 2013 Vertiflite magazine Commentary: Advancing Vertical Flight Technology in Demanding Environments: "To learn the latest about vertical flight technology and the current markets and budgets for its application, go to our website, www.vtol.org/forum, to register for Forum 69 today. To be prepared for the 'Demanding Environments' of today and tomorrow, you can’t afford to miss it!"

In honor of our 70th anniversary, we are offering a very special discount for our long-time members to attend the AHS Annual Forum. Members should go to My AHS to get your special coupon code and get 5% discount on registration for every 5 years of membership! Been a member for 20 years? You get 20% off. This discount applies to online registrations only.

Learn more about the history of AHS at www.vtol.org/history.

Will you be at HAI's Heli-Expo? Visit us at booth N6304 (near Bell Helicopter)!