Legislative Successes

December 17, 2014 -- AHS International is pleased to announce that our Congressional advocacy campaign for the 2015 US government fiscal year has been a success!

The U.S. Congress reached a deal for the "cromnibus" spending plan on Tuesday, December 9, and signed by the President on Tuesday, December 16. 

As a result of AHS-led efforts, the budget includes an additional $14M for the Army's Aviation Advanced Technology Development -- over and above what was requested by the President -- for activities in support of "Future Vertical Lift”.

The cromnibus also includes more than $100M extra for NASA Aeronautics, partially as a result of our efforts. This will be used to save NASA Rotorcraft from its planned cuts (down to only $15M) and -- we hope -- plus it up back to its historical level of $30M or more.

These two legislative successes were the result of AHS International’s leadership, along with support from the Vertical Lift Consortium, a non-profit whose mission is “to work collaboratively with the U.S. Government to develop and transition innovative vertical lift technologies to rapidly and affordably meet warfighter needs.” 

Read the full press release to find out more!

To find out more about our advocacy efforts, go to www.vtol.org/advocacy.

Update Feb 6, 2015:

The Army has provided specific language on how the additional funds will be used:

"The Army plans to apply the $14M augmentation towards funding AVX Aircraft and Karem Aircraft for additional Joint Multi-Role (JMR) air vehicle technology risk reduction efforts; and to fund Boeing-Sikorsky and Honeywell -- as well as many other partners in industry and academia through the Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC) -- to accelerate risk reduction for the Joint Common Architecture (JCA)."

Thus, the $14M of FY15 money will go to:

JMR Demonstrator TIAs air vehicle technology risk reduction
  • AVX Aircraft
  • Karem Aircraft
JCA Demonstration TIA
  • Boeing (with Sikorsky)
  • Honeywell
VLC for JCA support
  • Various VLC companies competitively selected