Modeling & Simulation Workshop

Simulation Fidelity Workshop III 
Lessons Learned through Application of the
Simulation Fidelity Rating scale

M&S workshop posterAHS International announces its annual Modeling & Simulation Workshop. It will be held at Forum 69 on Monday, May 20, 2013 at the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona. The event follows the Modeling & Simulation short course


The aim of this workshop is to develop the best working practices for subjective flight simulator evaluation. The Simulation Fidelity Rating (SFR) scale is a subjective rating scale that has been developed by The University of Liverpool and National Research Council of Canada. The SFR scale has been utilised in a number of in-house studies and also by a number of independent research establishments. It is now time to reflect on the successes and limitations of the SFR scale and to utilise the lessons learnt to further formalise the methodology. It is anticipated that the workshop will allow for impartial discussion between researchers, manufacturers, operators, users and regulators.

Workshop Content

This workshop will include discussions on the appropriateness of the rating parameters in the SFR scale, fidelity assessment task definition, pilot experience and recency, modification of the scale for research simulator assessment


18:30     Welcome and Brief Introduction to the SFR scale - Mark White

18:50     Lessons Learned and Guidance for further users - Emma Timson

19:10     Breakout Session I - Considerations for Practical Application for Training Sim Validation

19:30     Discussion of Results

19:50     Lessons Learned - NASA - Steven Beard

20:10     Definition of Fidelity Assessment Tasks for Pilot Training Simulators - CAE - Daniel Spira

20:30     Lessons Learned and modifications for research simulators -  DSTO - TBC

20:50     Breakout Session II - Definition of Fidelity Assessment Testing and Other Applications

21:10     Discussion of Results

21:30     End of workshop