New Bylaws Approved

Bylaws iconAHS International members overwhelmingly approved revisions to its bylaws on July 15, 2013. Approval was necessary to better align the bylaws with the strategic direction of the Society. The new bylaws are available at

As described in the 2012 Annual Report, the AHS International Board of Directors approved a redistricting of the Society’s Regions in November 2012, in order to better reflect our international orientation. With approximately 20% of AHS members residing outside the United States, the Board voted to split the monolithic “International Region” with three appointed “International Vice Presidents” into three distinct and fully-recognized regions, each with two elected representatives. This action doubled the representation on the Board of the non-U.S. members and also ensured the enfranchisement of their voting privileges.

With our three new regions, AHS now has six elected officers representing our 1,300 members outside the U.S. The approved change in the bylaws codified and strengthened this decision, and also implemented a number of administrative improvements.

Summary of approved changes:
  • A few wordsmithing, clarity and reorder changes.
  • Changed the name of the “Directors-at-Large” to “Regional Directors” in order to more accurately reflect their duties.
  • Provided full representation and alignment to our international members by replacing the three appointed International Vice President positions with an elected Regional Vice President and Regional Director for each of the three international regions, thereby increasing to six the positions on the Board representing our growing international membership.
  • Eliminated redundant language in the “Corporate Member” and “Educational Member” description which is already addressed in the “Fees, Dues, Etc” paragraph (3).
  • Added that the Technical Director should concur on new Educational Members.
  • Changed “Officers Guide” to “Officers and Members Guide”
  • Changed the two early dates associated with the elections to make more sense, without affecting election deadline.
  • Changed the required number of member petitions to add someone to the ballot from 50 to 10 to make this less onerous.