New Forum Workshops

Bell 407GXP Cockpit (Bell photo)AHS International is proud to announce two workshops focused on challenges in civil operations on May 4 at the AHS International 71st Annual Forum & Technology Display –The Biggest and Best Vertical Flight Technology Conference in the World. 

There is no charge to attend the workshops, only for those wish to attend the Forum -- please see the Forum 71 registration information.  A full schedule of events at Forum 71 is online. 

Workshop on Cockpit Safety Technology

On Monday, May 4th from 1:30-2:30 PM, AHS will lead a discussion on cockpit safety technology and its relationship to US federal regulations and the civil aircraft certification process: Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Alerting Systems (HTAWS), Flight Data Recorders and Radar Altimeters are specifically identified in the new FAA “Helicopter Safety Rule” and the challenges facing the industry in meeting the mandate as well as the current capabilities and future promise of newly designed helicopter autopilots, low-cost Health and Usage Monitoring systems and ADS-B installation case studies. Additionally, AHS will provide an overview and update on the joint industry/association Single Engine Instrument Flight Rules Certification initiative.

Workshop on Community Noise

From 2:45-4:00 PM, discussion will focus on the recent AHS/HAI Fly Neighborly and Noise Abatement initiative.  This initiative is “Operator-Focused” and is a renewed attempt to heighten operator’s awareness of helicopter noise and the importance of applying general noise abatement techniques to each and every helicopter operation.  The profound difference that can be made by operator technique is thought to be the “low hanging fruit" that can help forestall legislative efforts to restrict helicopter operations in areas of critical concern such as the Los Angeles basin, New York City and the National Parks while manufacturers continue efforts to reduce the acoustic impact of new and legacy helicopters.

Both workshops will be led by AHS member Paul Schaaf. Schaaf is the former chief pilot of the Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department, and a former US Army National Guard utility helicopter pilot. He was previously the Vice President for Operations at HAI, and is now an advisor to AHS International for technology in regulations.

Each workshop will include a 20-30 minute presentation, followed by discussion for the balance of the meeting. The objectives are to educate participants on the promise and progress in using proven technology and proven techniques to improve safety and community acceptance. In addition, plans will be made for future work to make progress in these two areas, with the opportunity for participants and their organizations to shape and help execute these plans.

The meeting is open to the public but please RSVP with Paul Schaaf.

Updated March 28, 2015