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Vertical Flight Society Announces 2022 Board of Directors 
Industry Executives to Lead VFS

Fairfax, Virginia, May 2, 2022  — The Vertical Flight Society, the world’s leading non-profit dedicated to advancing vertical flight, is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for 2022-2023.

The following members were elected to the Board’s Executive Committee for the one-year term of July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023:

  • Chair: Tomasz Krysinski, Vice President Research & Technology, Airbus Helicopters (previously the Board President)

  • President: Mark Cherry, Vice President/General Manager, Boeing Vertical Lift (previously the Board Secretary/Treasurer)

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Harry Nahatis, Vice President/General Manager Turboshaft Engine Programs, GE Aviation (new to the Board) *

In addition, Dr. Mahendra Bhagwat — the US Army’s Senior Research Scientist for Air Vehicle Aerodynamics and Preliminary Design — has been appointed to the Executive Committee as the VFS Technical Director for a two-year term. Bhagwat is part of the US Army’s Technology Development Directorate (TDD), Aviation and Missile Center (AvMC), Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM), and stationed at Moffett Field, California.

VFS members in half of its ten regions elected or re-elected regional directors and vice-presidents for the two-year term of July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024. (Those new to the Board are marked with an asterisk.)

Americas Region (Canada, Central America and South America)

  • Vice President: Chantal Boucher, Bell

  • Regional Director: Kenneth Swartz, Aeromedia Communications

U.S. Mideast Region (including the Philadelphia and Erie Chapters, and surrounding areas)

  • Vice President: Keith Conaron, The Boeing Company*

  • Regional Director: William Sunick, Leonardo Helicopters

U.S. Southeast Region (including the Aberdeen, Federal City, Patuxent River, Hampton Roads and Cherry Point Chapters, and surrounding areas)

  • Vice President: Dr. Mark Robeson, US Army TDD, DEVCOM*

  • Regional Director: Dr. Rajneesh Singh, US Army Research Laboratory, DEVCOM

U.S. Southwest Region (including the Southwest Chapter and all surrounding areas)

  • Vice President: Layne Merritt, Elbit Systems of America

  • Regional Director: Christos Bais, Joby Aviation

U.S. Western Region (including the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Arizona Chapters, and all surrounding areas)

  • Vice President: Dr. Colin Theodore, NASA Ames Research Center

  • Regional Director: Scott Swinsick, The Boeing Company

In addition, VFS held special elections for the following positions, for 1-year terms ending June 30, 2023:

Asia / Australia Region (all countries in Asia and Oceania)

  • Regional Director: Jackie Dujmovic, Hover UAV *

US Northeast Region (including the East New England, Stratford, Connecticut Valley and Empire State Chapters)

  • Regional Director: Steve Schmidt, Sikorsky, A Lockheed Martin Co. *

Other elected members of the Board of Directors, who will continue to serve until June 30, 2023, are as follows:

Asia-Australia Region (includes all members in Asia and Oceania)

  • Vice President: Dr. Arvind Sinha, University of Melbourne

Europe-Africa Region (members in Europe and Africa)

  • Vice President: Luca Medici, Leonardo Helicopters

  • Regional Director: Arnaud Le Pape, ONERA

U.S. Midwest Region (members in Dayton and St Louis Chapters)

  • Vice President: Dr. Charlie Svoboda, Jr., The Boeing Company

  • Regional Director: Prof. David A. Peters, Washington University in St. Louis

U.S. Northeast Region (members in Stratford, Connecticut Valley and Empire State Chapters)

  • Vice President: Usman Asif, Sikorsky, A Lockheed Martin Company

U.S. Southern Region (members in Redstone, Atlanta, Jake Fortner and South Florida Chapters)

  • Vice President: Mark J. Jeude, IronMountain Solutions

  • Regional Director: Prof. JVR Prasad, Georgia Tech

Founded as the American Helicopter Society in 1943, the Vertical Flight Society is the global non-profit society for engineers, scientists and others working on vertical flight technology. For nearly 80 years, the Society has led technical, safety, advocacy and other important initiatives, and has been the primary forum for interchange of information on vertical flight technology.

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