Re-opening of the HART II Website

Re-opening of the HART II International Workshop Website
By Dr. Berend G. van der Wall, DLR Institute of Flight Systems, Helicopter Department

The 2nd Higher Harmonic Control Aeroacoustic Rotor Test (HART II) was a joint project of five research organization spanning four countries:

An MBB (now Airbus) Bo 105 scaled model rotor was tested in 2001 to investigate the physics of higher-harmonic control (HHC) on rotor aeromechanics and its acoustics. A subset of the HART II data was released to the international community in 2005 with the opening of the HART II International Workshop. Semi-annual meetings were held until 2012 in conjunction with the Vertical Flight Society’s Annual Forum and the European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF). Its purpose was to provide the most comprehensive experimental database for code validation and technical interchange of expertise in analysis and modeling. The available data comprise rotor blade definition, its properties and rotor trim, blade motion and surface pressure measurements, blade tip vortex trajectories and particle image velocimetry (PIV) maps of the vortex velocity fields, as well as virtual PIV data, microphone measurements and noise carpet plots.

For many years, NASA hosted a website for the workshop’s database, but it was closed around 2018; DLR operated an FTP-based site with the same content that was shut down in spring 2022. For continued support of the community, DLR decided to continue the provision of the HART II International Workshop database in July 2022. The database and research resources are accessible via

HART model (jpg)

2001 test in the DNW Large Low-speed Facility (LLF) using DLR’s 6.6-ft (2-m) diameter Mach-scaled, hingeless model rotor. (DNW)