Uber's Announces "Elevate" Electric VTOL Plans

Uber Elevate White Paper

Uber Elevate vision (png)Oct. 27, 2016: AHS International — The Vertical Flight Technical Society — congratulates Uber Technologies, Inc., for its bold new plan to transform urban transportation with electric VTOL aircraft. 

Uber Elevate White Paper, Medium.com, Oct. 27 (99 pages)

Uber, which revolutionized on-demand mobility with its ride-sharing mobile app and innovative business model, has now unveiled a white paper on what it hopes will transform on-demand mobility from solely ground-based to the third dimension. 

As previously announced by AHS International, and presented at the AHS-led Transformative Vertical Flight Workshop on Sept. 29, Uber seeks to unlock the potential of cities with all electric vertical flight aircraft. AHS International provided support and feedback to Uber on the Elevate White Paper (see pg 9).

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UPDATE: Uber Elevate Press Releases, April 25, 2017

Posted Oct. 27, 2016. Update May 4, 2017.