VFF Student Spotlight: Ramin Modarres

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Thanks to the generosity of members like you, AHS International has awarded more than 500 VFF scholarships since 1977 to promising undergraduate and graduate engineering students planning to pursue careers in vertical flight.

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Vertical Flight Foundation, Inc., and we are initiating the VFF50 Capital Campaign to increase our endowment to reach even more promising scholars. In order to show the impact that the scholarship program is having, AHS is highlighting the impressive backgrounds of some of our recent winners.
Ramin Modarres, a 2015 VFF scholarship winner, joined the Center for Computational Mechanics at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, in fall 2011 under Professor David Peters’ supervision. Together, they developed a more robust method for solving potential flow equations for an optimum propeller in just three months. Ramin’s extensive research in the optimization of rotor, wind turbines and propellers, as well as the dynamic stall of helicopter blades, culminated in five presentations at recent AHS Forums, as well as four papers published in the Journal of the AHS.
“I am so honored that I was given the Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarship and am confident that I would give back to the industry a worthy return on this investment in me,” Ramin recounted at the time of his win. “It gave me a sense of recognition for a job well done and also motivated me to work even harder than I had been.”
Ramin’s hard work and talent paid off. Shortly after completing his PhD this May, Ramin joined Sikorsky Aircraft as a senior engineer in the dynamics and internal acoustics group.
Please go to www.vtol.org/vff to read more about the impressive backgrounds of Ramin and our many other stellar VFF recipients. While there, please support the 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign and help to foster the next generation of vertical flight talent.

Posted Aug. 8, 2017