Workshop on Disaster Management

Optimising National Aerial Assets in Disaster Management
(Helicopters and UAS)

Mon 25 Nov and Tue 26 Nov 2013

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Chinook rescue in PakistanNatural and Manmade Disasters have, of late, caused havoc to mankind and property. National efforts around the globe are being directed towards establishing a “Holistic Response Approach” to save lives and property.

In the modern world, technology is a major force-multiplier, addressing issues ranging from medical/relief aid to security. As such, the effectiveness and efficiency of response to natural/manmade disasters is heavily technology-governed. As timely access to disaster areas is key to response success, "Aerial Assets of a Nation" is most valuable.    

This pioneering Course /Workshop on “Optimising National Aerial Assets in Disaster Management (Helicopters and UAS)” is a joint initiative of the American Helicopter Society (AHS) International, Australian Chapter and the newly-formed Singapore Chapter, under the aegis of MIL-COM Aerospace Group.

The Course/Workshop will provide a generic insight of natural and manmade calamities/disasters, and the chronology of such events. It will then dwell on intervention methodologies, resource requirements (land, air and maritime), and their associated intervening organisation & authorities at various levels. This will be followed by details on national aerial assets and their operational and technology capabilities/limitations.

Helicopters and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Technologies, due to its unique operational capabilities in multi-dimensional flight profile, reconnaissance & surveillance and payload delivery, will be the focus of the course/workshop. In addition to operation aspects, mission payloads will be covered in details.

Case studies of past disasters in the Australasian Region will be presented covering tsunami, floods, bushfires and nuclear fallout, as lessons for the future.

The course/workshop will culminate with a group practice exercise on a simulated disaster covering the Australasian region, for knowledge sharing of viable solutions through presentations and group discussions.

All participants will receive a “Certificate of Completion.”

The course/workshop will be delivered by AHS International members who are widely acknowledged experts in the field of disaster management and aerospace technologies from Canada, Australia and India.

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If you have questions, please contact Dr. Arvind K. Sinha.