Notice of Journal Color Policy

Important Notice to JAHS Authors Regarding Fees

 Effective October 1, 2015


Non-color Articles:
There will be no fees for non-color articles.

Color Articles:
There is a required fee of $700 for authors publishing articles in color. This helps defray, but does not fully cover, the additional cost of printing in color while still facilitating color articles when appropriate. The Journal editorial staff reserves the right to request non-color publication from the authors if figures do not warrant it. Line plots are typically not an acceptable reason for use of color. Note that online versions (on IngentaConnect) may always use color at no expense to the author, and this is recommended and encouraged. Figures are then converted to grayscale for printing if color publication is not elected.

The payment is required only if the article is accepted. If the author is unable to pay, a request for a waiver should be submitted (after acceptance) to AHS headquarters. The payment or non-payment of the fee will not affect the decision of acceptance or non-acceptance of a submitted manuscript.