Since its founding in 1943, the Vertical Flight Society has held an Annual Forum. Over the past 70+ years, the Forum and other technical conferences have resulted in more than 10,000 papers and 80,000 pages of documentation on the past, present and future of vertical flight technology. We now have the papers from nearly every Forum, available in the VFS Online Store — The Vertical Flight Library, or contact us directly at +1-703-684-6777 or by email. We also have complete CD-ROMs of Forum Proceedings since 1998, as well as proceedings papers from many of the hundreds of VFS Specialists' Meetings. Check out the VFS Online Store!

Annual Forum Proceedings (ISSN: 1552-2938)Forum 71 CD Cover

The Annual Forum Proceedings are published annually to coincide with the Society's Annual Forum. A complete set of technical papers (Proceedings) is available or individual papers may be purchased.

Proceedings (CD-ROM) are available for $255.00 for AHS members; $320.00 for non-members. (The Annual Forum CD-ROM is available onsite at the Forum every year for full three-day registrants at no charge, $205.00 for other registrants.)

Printed proceedings from recent Forums can be purchased from Curran Associates.

Individual papers can be purchased for $15.00 for VFS members; $30.00 for non-members - search for and order from over 10,000 past papers at the Vertical Flight Library.

AHS Australia conference CDROM - 2014Specialists' Meeting Proceedings

Specialists' Meeting Proceedings are published in conjunction with or immediately following the meeting. The schedule and number of meetings varies each year. Specialists' Meeting Proceedings may be purchased as a complete set or by individual papers. See what's available online on CDROM or as individual papers. Print copies of many proceedings are also available from Curran Associates.

Specialists' Meeting Proceedings CDs: $105.00 for VFS members; $145.00 for non-members

Specialists' Meeting Individual papers: $15.00 for VFS members; $30.00 for non-members

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-payment is required. Purchase orders are accepted and invoices can be issued. Except if otherwise noted, prices above include shipping and handling (special mailing requests are accepted and billed to purchaser).