Forum 64 Best Papers

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AHS International's Annual Forum & Technology Display is the world's leading international technical event on vertical flight technology. The three-day meeting includes more than 200 technical papers on every discipline from Acoustics to Unmanned Systems. Forum Proceedings papers can be purchased as individual pdf files or as CD-ROMs from the AHS Online Store.

Every year, the best paper in each technical discipline is selected by the AHS Technical Committees. All of the best papers from each technical discipline from every Annual Forum since 2004 – including the overall Alfred Gessow Best Paper Award – are recognized as some of the most important technical contributions in the field of vertical flight.

The Forum 64 winning technical papers are linked below.  

Technical Area Title of Paper Author(s)
Winner of the Alfred Gessow Forum Best Paper Award
Accurate Bird Strike Simulation Methodology for BA609 Tiltrotor Cheng-Ho Tho and Michael Smith, Bell Helicopter Textron
Acoustics Far-Field Near-In-Plane Harmonic Main Rotor Helicopter Impulsive Noise Reduction Possibilities G. Gopalan and F.H. Scmitz
Advanced Vertical Flight The DP-2 Jet Lift Vertical Takeoff and Landing Advanced Technology Demonstration Program J. Kinzer, Office of Naval Research
Aerodynamics Eulerian Simulation of the Fluid Dynamics of Helicopter Brownout C. Phillips and R.E. Brown
Aircraft Design BERP IV - The Design, Development and Testing of an Advanced Rotor Blade R. Harrison, S. Stacey and B. Hansford, AgustaWestland Helicopters
Avionics and Systems Flight Testing of Rotorcraft IFR Steep Approaches using SBAS and GBAS Guidance P. Rollet and M. Authesserre
Crew Stations and Human Factors Warnings, Cautions and Advisories: A Systematic Approach to Development S.C. Moran, J. Armbrust, R. Becker and L. Stiles, Jr., Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Dynamics Recent Advances in Eurocopter's Passive and Active Vibration Control P. Kostanzer, B. Enenkl, P.A. Aubourg and P. Cranga, Eurocopter
Flight Simulation Simulation and Control Law Development for Autonomous UAV Artificial Icing Testing R. McKillip, Jr., J. Keller, G. Whitehouse, D. Wachspress and T. Quackenbush, Continuum Dynamics, Incorporated
Handling Qualities UH-60M Upgrade Fly-By-Wire Flight Control Risk Reduction using the RASCAL JUH-60A In-Flight Simulator J.W. Fletcher, J. Lusardi, M.H. Mansur, E. Moralez III, D.E. Robinson, D.R. Arterburn, I. Cherepinsky, J. Driscoll, C.S. Morse and K.F. Kalinowski
Health and Usage Monitoring Systems A Method for Generalized Prognostics of a Component Using Paris Law E. Bechhoefer, Goodrich SIS
History Engineering Analysis of the 1907 Cornu Helicopter J. Gordon Leishman and Bradley Johnson
Operations Implications of Using Commercial Rotorcraft for Military Missions Pat Mason, ATTC and J. Trang, FAA Rotorcraft Directorate
Propulsion Development and Qualification of Composite Tail Rotor Drive Shaft for the UH-60M J. Garhart
Structures and Materials Topology Optimization Risk Reduction L. Fitzwater, R. Khalil and E. Hunter
Systems Engineering Development of a Methodology to Optimally Select Subsystems for Subsequent Integration into Helicopter Systems Skinner and Adams
Test and Evaluation Investigation of an Ultrasonic Ice Protection System for Helicopter Rotor Blades J. Palacios
Unmanned VTOL Design and Flight Test Results for a Hemispherical LADAR Developed to Support Unmanned Rotorcraft Urban Operations Research M. Whalley, US Army AFDD