Vertiflite Crossword

Vertiflite Crossword Puzzle #1

Put your VTOL knowledge to the test with our inaugural crossword puzzle, published in the September/October 2017 Vertiflite. Wherever appropriate, use numerals (0-9) and the dash symbol (–) for the answer(s).

Check this page at the time of the next Vertiflite publication for the answers. Use our database Vertipedia, our Online Vertical Flight Library, or other VFS resources to solve each clue!

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1. USMC “phinal Phrog” model
2. Civilian Chickasaw
3. Pioneering female helicopter pilot (certified in 1954) and a founding member of the Whirly-Girls
4. The size of Goodyear Gizmo compared to the Mil Mi-26 Halo, say
5. Cost of the Paper of the Month to VFS Members
6. A standard for measuring diameter of electrical wire
7. Company designation for largest piston-engine helicopter
8. USMC Viper
9. First year the VFS Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarship was awarded
10. Winner
11. Shape of wing as seen in cross-section
12. World record altitude (and record autorotational landing) pilot
13. US Army autogyro converted from PCA-2
14. Pioneering Russian design bureau known for coaxial rotors
15. EASA exploratory process for creating aviation requirements
16. Huey’s real name
17. Ratio between combustor inlet pressure and the engine inlet pressure achieved by an engine operation at rated output
18. Piloted his 1S in what may have been the first controlled VTOL flight
19. Argentine inventor, engineer and designer of several light helicopters
20. A formal evaluation of trainee pilots, conducted in a simulator, as part of an advanced qualification program
21. Formed the Cierva Autogiro Company
22. Don’t fly faster than this, or your aircraft might disintegrate around you
1. Newest USMC stallion
2. Experimental  ultralight helicopter flown in 1947. Its inventor later became chief engineer Cessna’s only helicopter
3.Engineer, author, lecturer, mentor, teacher and rotorcraft pioneer. VFS Honorary Fellow and Klemin Award Winner. Author of “Aerodynamics” column which ran for 75 installments.
4. One of the busiest airports in the world and second-largest hub in the world.
Fly there to visit the VFS Southwest Chapter! Yeehaw!
5. One of the US Navy’s flying bananas
6. Army Mule
7. 220 knot compound Raider
8. Compound Cheyenne
9. Creates energy from fluid flow acting on spinning blades
10. VFS HQ home state. Stop by for a visit!
11. First helicopter accepted by US Army Air Corps
14. Helicopter with side-by-side rotors driven by a tie-rod transmission
15. Aircraft holding the world record altitude for autogyros
16. Home of Israeli Air Force Flight Academy
17. Fairey Rotodyne had two
18. 2013 winners of VFS Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition
19. Atomic symbol for what many electrical cables are made with
20. German two-stroke engine used in some early ultralight helicopters
21. Develops many international engineering and aeropace standards
22. Top-level domain for where the Fierce Thunderbolt is made
23. US Army light observation and scout helicopter in service for nearly 50 years
24. Inventor of the autogyro
25. 6th ____-Australian Rotorcraft Forum, November 7-9, 2017, Japan

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