2014 AHS History Calendar

The AHS History Committee is proud to present the 2014 History Calendar, sponsored by Bell Helicopter Textron. Quick Response (QR) codes on the back cover and with each month will provide more information about each of the featured photos or graphics. We hope you enjoy the calendar!

The AHS History Calendar has been mailed out to all AHS members with the November/December issue of Vertiflite. AHS members can also download the whole calendar by logging into the VFS Online Store.

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2014 AHS History Calendar

Bell Boeing V-22A Osprey

25th Anniversary of the first flight, March 19, 1989

The Bell V-22 Osprey is the first tilt rotor to enter production and be used operationally. The aircraft can trace its lineage to other two Bell Helicopter products, the XV-3 and XV-15. Today the V-22 is being used by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Marine Corps. The aircraft flew for the first time on March 19th, 1989; and since then, it has evolved into a reliable and essential component of the War on Terror. Other tilt-rotor aircraft have been designed and flown, but the V-22 is the only type to have entered production to date. The V-22 had a long and challenging development history; but over time this capable machine has lived up to its original expectations. The aircraft is being considered for additional missions as their users learn the aircraft true potential.

The aircraft maximum Short Take-Off gross weight is 60,500 pounds and it can fly at more than 250 knots, carrying up to 24 troops or an internal payload of 20,000 pounds. The aircraft can be refueled in the air, and more than 200 units have been delivered to USAF and USMC operators. In the summer of 2013, two V-22s were assigned to Marine Squadron One, responsible for Presidential travel logistical support.

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