2014 Year at a Glance

2014 Year at a Glance70th Anniversary of the American Helicopter Society First Annual Dinner
Oct. 7, 1944

The First Annual Dinner of the American Helicopter Society, Inc. was held on October 7, 1944 at the Ambassador Hotel in New York City. Frank A. Tichenor, Publisher and Editor of the Aero Digest, served as Toastmaster. The agenda saw: (1) Welcoming Address to the Members of the Society and Their Guests, by Charles L. Morris (Sikorsky), President of the American Helicopter Society, Inc.; (2) Presentation of Honorary Fellowship to Igor. I Sikorsky, Engineering Manager of Sikorsky Aircraft, Division of United Aircraft Corp. by Charles L. Morris; (3) Presentation of Honorary Fellowship to H. Franklin Gregory, Colonel, Army Air Corps, by Ralph P. Alex, first President of the A.H.S.; (4) The Bell Helicopter, film, presented by Arthur Young of Bell Aircraft; (5) The Sikorsky Helicopters, film, presented by Igor I. Sikorsky of Sikorsky Aircraft Division; (6) Practical Adaptations of the Sikorsky Helicopters, film, presented by William J. Kossler, Captain, U.S. Coast Guard; (7) The XR-1 and XR-1A Helicopters, film, presented by W. Laurence LePage of Platt-Le Page Aircraft Company; (8) The Background and Development of Rotary Wing Aircraft, film, Army Air Forces. The Society was founded on February 25, 1943 and was officially recognized by the State of Connecticut as “The American Helicopter Society, Inc.” on June 25, 1943. The First Annual Forum would follow the First Annual Dinner by six months and be held in Philadelphia on April 3, 1945.

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