2017 AHS History Calendar

The AHS History Committee is proud to present the 2017 VTOL History Calendar, sponsored by Robinson Helicopter Company. Each month is provided here with more information about each of the featured photos. We hope you enjoy the calendar! 

The 2017 VTOL History Calendar was mailed to all AHS International members in December. AHS International members can also download a complimentary pdf of the whole calendar by logging into the AHS Online Store.

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2017 Calendar Cover Robinson Helicopter Company flew its first model, the two-seat R22, in 1975, its four-seat R44 in 1990, and its five-seat R66 in 2007. In 2015, Robinson's R44 Raven II ranked as the world’s top-selling helicopter while its R66 became the world’s top-selling civil turbine helicopter according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). In May 2016, it received FAA certification of its two-seat R44 Cadet trainer. The company was the subject of the May-June 2013 Vertiflite cover story: 

  • The House That Frank Built: Over 40 years of market-focused R&D and product development, Robinson Helicopter has evolved from niche player to a formidable competitor in helicopter manufacturing and sales. Article by Robert W. Moorman. 

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