August 2012

2012 AHS History Calendar NATC Helicopters Patuxent River

The U.S. Navy made a major contribution to the development and operational utilization of the helicopter. Three different rotor configurations and three different manufacturers are represented by the four helicopters in this August 1950 picture taken at the Navy’s test center at Patuxent River, Maryland. From the bottom, they are the Kaman 225, an early example of the synchropter rotor system; the Bell HTL with a single main rotor and tail rotor; the Piasecki HRP-2, a development of the first generation tandem-rotor system; and the Piasecki HJP-1, the first tandem rotor helicopter with overlapping rotors. All have significant operational careers, the K-225 leading to the Navy HUK/HOK and Air Force HH-43, the HTL utilized as the iconic MASH H-13 among other applications both military and civil, the HRP-2 being developed to be the Army and Air Force H-21, and the HJP redesignated as HUP and becoming the Navy’s plane guard “angel” as well as the Army’s H-25.
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