February 2016

2016 February photoUS Coast Guard/Sikorsky HH-60J/MH-60T Jayhawk

The MH-60T is an upgraded version of the HH-60J developed for the US Coast Guard in conjunction with development of the HH-60H for the US Navy. The HH-60J made its first flight on August 8, 1989 and was used primarily for Search and Rescue. In 2007 the USCG began to update the aircraft to the MH-60T configuration, including upgraded avionics, glass cockpit, weapons and armor, so it could be used more effectively for drug interdiction and homeland security missions. All aircraft were converted to the 60T configuration by 2014 and 42 are now in service. (Note HH indicates search and rescue helicopter and MH denotes multi-mission helicopter).

(U.S. Coast Guard photo by PA1 Kurt Fredrickson; text by Thomas Lawrence)

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