Heli-Expo 2016

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) held its annual “Heli-Expo” from February 28 to March 3 at a new city: Louisville, Kentucky. Heli-Expo attracted 55 civil display helicopters and nearly 700 exhibitors from all sectors of the global civil rotorcraft industry.

Check out our feature article by Ken Swartz in the May-June 2016 issue of VFS' Vertiflite magazine! 

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Airbus-EC135T2.th.jpg Airbus-BK117-Airwork.th.jpg Airbus-EC130T2.th.jpg Airbus-AS350B3.th.jpg AgustaWestland-AW119.th.jpg Airbus-AS332C1.th.jpg AgustaWestland-AW009.th.jpg Sikorsky-UH-60A.th.jpg Robinson-R66.th.jpg Sikorsky-S-92-Era.th.jpg MD530.th.jpg MD-MD500D.th.jpg MD-MD902-Ascent.th.jpg Marenco-SKYe-SHO9.th.jpg Guimbal-Cabri-G2.th.jpg Enstrom-280FX.th.jpg Dragonfly-UAV.th.jpg Bell-407HP.th.jpg Bell-429.th.jpg Bell-505-and-525.th.jpg