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ARINC 661 Third Party Toolkit User Experience

Jacob Weaver, Joel Lam, Collins Aerospace

May 13, 2019


Over the past several years, there has been a trend from airframe vendors to move from procuring federated components (individual control panels and computers) to integrated avionics systems provided by a single vendor. This integration has reduced size, weight, power, and increased the usability of the system for the pilots. These latest cockpits are typically made up of larger displays and integrated controls, including touch screens. This level of integration has significantly increased the difficulty in incorporating third party (OEM and other vendor) mission specific avionics into the cockpit. This is especially noted in military aircraft and rotorcraft, which frequently have needs beyond a typical fixed wing passenger transport aircraft, which have been the baseline of integrated avionics systems (Ref [1]). The industry has been focused on several different methods to address incorporation of third party mission specific avionics into these highly integrated systems. Initiatives such as Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) (Ref [5]) are joint ventures between industry and the government to solve this evolving issue. Additionally, ARINC 661 has been implemented in such a way to allow the merging of the user interface from multiple software applications into a single, seamless display. This paper documents Collins Aerospace' experience with providing our ARINC 661 3rd party toolkit to OEMs and OEM selected 3rd party developers to allow development of new "mission" features into highly integrated cockpit systems. A survey was provided to multiple users of this toolkit and the results are documented. From these results, we developed a set of conclusions, both positive and negative, providing lessons learned and recommendations as the industry continues to move towards more 3rd party integration.

ARINC 661 Third Party Toolkit User Experience

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  • 11 pages
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ARINC 661 Third Party Toolkit User Experience

Authors / Details:
Jacob Weaver, Joel Lam, Collins Aerospace