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January 2011


January 2011

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January 2011

Authors / Details: Journal of the American Helicopter Society, Volume 56 - Number 1
  • Stochastic Aeroelastic Analysis of Composite Helicopter Rotor - Senthil Murugan; Ranjan Ganguli; Dinesh Kumar Harursampath
  • Subspace and Bootstrap-Based Techniques for Helicopter Model Identification - Ping Li; Ian Postlethwaite
  • Helicopter Roll-On Takeoff Simulation - K. Enciu; A. Rosen
  • Challenges in the Aerodynamic Optimization of High-Efficiency Proprotors - Gordon J. Leishman; Kenneth M. Rosen
  • Vertical Drop Testing and Analysis of the WASP Helicopter Skid Gear - Yvonne T. Fuchs; Karen E. Jackson
  • Investigation of Helicopter Seat Structural Dynamics for Aircrew Vibration Mitigation - Yong Chen; Viresh Wickramasinghe; David G. Zimcik
  • Accurate Bird Strike Simulation Methodology for BA609 Tiltrotor - Cheng-Ho Tho; Michael R. Smith
  • Design, Development, and Testing of a Shrouded Single-Rotor Micro Air Vehicle with Antitorque Vanes - Vikram Hrishikeshavan; Jayant Sirohi; Marat Tishchenko; Inderjit Chopra
  • Flight Evaluation of a Reactionary Envelope Protection System for UAVs - Suraj Unnikrishnan; J.V.R. Prasad; Ilkay Yavrucuk