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Vertiflite, Fall/Winter 1999

Vertiflite, Fall/Winter 1999

  • 76 pages
  • SKU # : v_1999_v45_n04

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Vertiflite, Fall/Winter 1999

Authors / Details:
  • The Benefits of AHS Membership: Meeting Millennial Challenges - Flater, M. E. Rhett (AHS International)
  • On the Vertical Horizon: Bell Designs are Accelerating at Full Tilt - Hirschberg, Mike
  • Flying With Experts: The Rotorcraft Pilot's Associate Shows How Expert Systems Can Manage Cockpit Information - Colucci, Frank
  • Helibus on the Information Highway: Information Technology Makes the S-92 A Truly Global Helicopter - Colucci, Frank
  • Public Acceptance - What Is Important and How Can It Be Improved? - Leverton, John
  • Snapshots Out of the Past: America's First Helicopter?? The First Years - Many Built - Some Flew (Momentarily) Many Didn't - 'It Didn't Pay To Be First' - Schneider, John J.
  • The Real Story - Real, Jack G.
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Acoustics 1998 - Jones, Henry
  • Technical Committee Highlights: Flight Simulation 1998-1999 - Alansky, Iry
  • Reading the Journal for Fun and Profit: The October 1999 Issue - Bousman, William G.