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Vertiflite, Fall/Winter 2001

Vertiflite, Fall/Winter 2001

  • 100 pages
  • SKU # : v_2001_v47_n04

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Vertiflite, Fall/Winter 2001

Authors / Details:
  • A Message to AHS Members - Flater, M. E. Rhett (AHS International)
  • Army Aviation Malaise Dispirits Troops and Industry Alike - McDaniel, R. L.
  • Sizing Up the 609 - How Makers of the World's First Commercial Tilt Rotor Defined the Aircraft and its Market - Colucci, Frank
  • Rotorcraft Noise Certifications - CAEP5 Changes - Leverton, J.W.
  • Jock Cameron: The Man Who Had to Be - McGuire, F.G.
  • Dynamic Lift - Prouty, Ray W.
  • A Big Future for VTOL Micro Air Vehicles - Daley, David K.
  • Some Confusing Helicopter History - Prouty, Ray W.
  • Reading the Journal for Fun and Profit: The October 2001 Issue - Gaonkar, G.H.
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Dynamics 2000-2001 - Callahan, Cynthia B.
  • Cornus's Helicopter - First in Flight? - Leishman, J. Gordon
  • From the Past to the Future of Heavy Lift - Part II: Tilt-Wing Concepts - Hirschberg, Mike
  • A New Paradigm for Battlefield Lift: A Super Short Takeoff and Landing (SSTOL) Theater Airlifter - Manley, D. (Almassy, R.)
  • The Vertol 76 (VZ-2): The First Successful Tilt-Wing - PiƱero Jr., Erasmo
  • The Kaman K-16B: The 'Almost' Tilt-Wing - Andrews, H.
  • The X-18 Tilt-Wing - Lessons Learned - Lindenbaum, B.
  • The XC-142A Tilt-Wing - Lessons Learned - Lindenbaum, B.
  • The Canadair CL-84 Experimental Aircraft - Lessons Learned - Phillips, F. C.