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Vertiflite, March/April 1990

Vertiflite, March/April 1990

  • 94 pages
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Vertiflite, March/April 1990

Authors / Details:
  • A Complete Helicopter Story-Under One Roof - Zugschwert, John F. (American Helicopter Society)
  • US Army Helicopter Accident Rate - Zugschwert, John F. (American Helicopter Society)
  • The Past is Easy to Analyze - The Trick is Prediction the Future - Zugschwert, John F. (American Helicopter Society)
  • Emerging Nes Technologies at Sikorsky Aircraft - Shenoy, Rajarama K. (Sikorsky Aircraft Div.)
  • MBB BO 108 - New Technologies on a Broad Front - Huber, Helmut (MBB Helicopter & Military Aircraft Div.); von Tein, Volker
  • Multiple-Power-Path No planetary Main Gearbox of the Mi-26 Heavy-Lift Transport Helicopter - Smirnov, Gennady (Mil Bureau)
  • Simulation Technology - A Key to Effective Man-Machine Integration for Future Combat Rotorcraft Systems - Kerr, Andrew W. (US Army AVSCOM)
  • The Leonardo Da Vinci Flies! A very Brief Overview of the First Human Powered Hover - Patterson, William
  • A Status Review of Non-Helicopter V/STOL Aircraft Development - Lindenbaum, B.
  • The Variable-Diameter Rotor - A Key to High Performance Rotorcraft - Fradenburgh, Evan A. (Sikorsky Aircraft Division)
  • The Coming Age of the Tiltrotor - Norwine, Philip C. (Bell Helicopter Textron)
  • 1989 Forum Papers: Year 3 for Assessing Presentation Quality - Wood, T.L. (Bell Helicopter Textron)