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Vertiflite, March/April 1994

Vertiflite, March/April 1994

  • 72 pages
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Vertiflite, March/April 1994

Authors / Details:
  • The Benefits of Joint Ventures: Myth or Magic? - Lawrence, Davis
  • Reading the Journal for Fun and Profit: The January 1994 Issue - Huston, Robert J. (NASA)
  • An Industry Case Study: GKN Bids For Control of Westland - Flater, M. E. Rhett (AHS International)
  • Defining Attack Helicopter Priorities - Crew, Terry (USMC (Ret.))
  • Technology Today: US Navy Pursues Air Vehicle Diagnostics Research - Chamberlain, Marty (USN (Ret.))
  • Military Technology: The Smarter Chinook - Colucci, Frank
  • Emergency Medical Helicopters: Expansion or Consolidation - Flater, M. E. Rhett (AHS International)
  • Show Highlights: Third Asian Vertiflite Seminar '94 - AHS Staff
  • The Other Rotorcraft - Prouty, Ray W.
  • 1993 Forum Papers: Presentation and Technical Quality Evaluation Results - Yen, Jing
  • Out of the Past - Progress? The Autogiro - Predecessor of the Successful Helicopter Roots of the American Helicopter Industry - Schneider, John J.
  • Move Over George, I'm Going to Ask Albert - Stanzione, Kaydon A.