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Vertiflite, May 1968

Vertiflite, May 1968

  • 44 pages
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Vertiflite, May 1968

Authors / Details:
  • Avco Lycoming Awarded $65 Million in Contracts… Expanding Charleston, S.C. Facility
  • Sikorsky's Universal Military Pod Accepted by U.S. Army
  • Lockheed-Georgia Wind Tunnel Tailored to VTOL Design
  • Ryan Radar Altimeter Supports Low Altitude Copter Tests
  • Telescoping Blade System Being Developed by Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Cheyenne Copter Test Component 'Flies 25 Years'- Without Leaving Ground
  • 3,000,000 Passengers Flown by N.Y. Airways
  • Ryan Vertifan Jet Begins Flight Tests for NASA
  • CHI Receives Gunsight Contract for HueyCobra
  • U.S. Navy SH-3D ASW Helicopter Enters Fleet
  • Garrett-AiResearch Inters Small Helicopter Market With TSE36-1 Engine
  • High Speed Bearings for Helicopter Transmission in Cheyenne Program
  • First CH-54A Flying Crane Pod Delivered
  • Bell Helicopter Co. Names Dominion Helicopters Ltd. Service Center
  • The Impact of Avionics on VTOL Aircraft - Theodore, Michael J.
  • Boeing's Vertol Div. Awarded AF STOL Study Contract
  • Enstrom Corp. Producing Its Model F-28A
  • Kaman Develops Personal Shield for its "Sweet Chariot" Seat
  • Boeing Receives Order for Additional Marine Corps CH-46D Sea Knights
  • Bell Delivers its 10,000th Ship
  • World's Lowest-Priced Helicopter
  • Hold That Target!
  • Boeing CH-46D Sea Knight Flown Coast to Coast in Less Than 20 Hrs.
  • Modified Kaman UH-2C Establishes Record High in Gross Weight
  • PAA Accepts First of Five Sikorsky S-61s
  • Advanced T64 Engines Undergo Full Series of Ground and Flight Testing
  • Kaman Corp. Unveils DAVI
  • Boeing Chinooks Recover $1 Billion Worth of Aircraft in Vietnam
  • U.S. Navy Makes 'Huey' Its Advanced R/W Trainer
  • Messerschmitt Flies Rigid-Rotor Helicopter
  • Sikorsky S-64B Crane Will Outlift Russia's Mi-10
  • First Flight of the SA-340-002 Helicopter
  • Two Sikorsky S-64A Skycranes Return to U.S. from W. Germany…
  • NYC P.D. Eye's Future of Law Enforcement; Will Try T.V. Camera in Patrol Helicopter
  • Penn State Offers One-Week Course on Aerodynamics of V/STOL Aircraft - Wide World of Vertiflite
  • Scheutzow Helicopter Scores Price Breakthrough
  • Army Awards Contract to Boeing For Additional Chinooks
  • TBO Mark For Lycoming T5311A Turbines Raised To 2000 Hours in South America
  • Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane Continues Development Projects
  • Bell Twin-Engine UH-1 Development Approved By Canadian Government
  • Boeing Grants Chinook Co-Production And Marketing Rights To Elicoterri Meridionali
  • New Vap-Air AC External Power Monitor Allows Lockheed Cheyenne To Land Anywhere Without Equipment Damage
  • Fairchild Hiller Establishes Spares Depot in British Columbia
  • VTOL Aircraft of the Future - Michel, Philip L.
  • The USAF VTOL Inventory: Now and Tomorrow - McKenna, James L. (USAF)
  • The AH: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - Theodore, Michael J.