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Vertiflite, May/June 1986

Vertiflite, May/June 1986

  • 88 pages
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Vertiflite, May/June 1986

Authors / Details:
  • The Year in Review - Aerodynamics - Sheehy, Thomas W. (AHS Aerodynamics Committee) 
  • Preserving Helicopter History - Helicopter Foundation International - Warsley, Daniel P. (HAI) 
  • FAA Policies - In Step With the International Helicopter Industry - Segner, Donald R. (FAA) 
  • Cooperative Competition - Is IT the Way of the Future? - Zugschwert, John F. (American Helicopter Society) 
  • MBB's Joint Helicopter Programs with Indonesia and India - Pfleidere, Kurt (MBB Helicopter & Military Aircraft Group) 
  • Vertical Flight Operations in the United Kingdom - A Personal View - Kirkwood, Robert (Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton) 
  • Australia's Helicopter Market - Millhouse, John (Australian Embassy) 
  • Mixed Signals in the Canadian Helicopter Market - McDermott, John W. (Canadian Forces) 
  • The Evolution of Elitos - Wartenberg, Steve (Freelance Writer) 
  • French Helicopter Operations by the Number - Boullay, Edmond (Embassy of France) 
  • Crashworthiness - Being Recognized by the Rotorcraft Industry - Debraggio, Mike 
  • Exporting High Tech Goods to China - Brace, Ernest C. 
  • The Year in Review - Acoustics - Hoad, Daniel R. (AHS Acoustics Committee) 
  • The Year in Review - Aircraft Design - Hughes, Charles W. (AHS Aircraft Design Committee) 
  • The Year in Review - Avionics & Systems Design - Silverio, Frederick J. (AHS Avionics & Systems Design Committee) 
  • The Year in Review - Dynamics - Banerjee, Dev (AHS Dynamics Committee) 
  • The Year in Review - Handling Qualities - Aiken, Ed (AHS Handling Qualities Committee) 
  • The Year in Review - Structures & Materials - Arden, Robert W. (AHS Structures & Materials Committee) 
  • The Year in Review - Test & Evaluation - Bowes, Michael A. (AHS Test and Evaluation Committee)