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Vertiflite, November/December 1983

Vertiflite, November/December 1983

  • 64 pages
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Vertiflite, November/December 1983

Authors / Details:
  • The Future of Army Aviation - Maddox, Bobby J. (U.S. Army); Schrage, Daniel P. 
  • The LHX Preliminary Design Process - Schrage, Daniel P. (U.S. Army) 
  • JVX: Entering Preliminary Design - Creech, Jimmie (U.S. Army) 
  • The AH-64A Apache: Ready For The Battlefield - Drenz, Charles F. (U.S. Army) 
  • The AHIP: Eyes and Ears of the Battlefield Commander - Forster, William H. (U.S. Army) 
  • The UH-60A Black Hawk: The Army's Workhorse - Andreson, Ronald K. (U.S. Army) 
  • The SH-60B Seahawk: Ready For Fleet Delivery - Purtell, Joseph M. (U.S. Army) 
  • The HH-60D/E Night Hawk: Meeting The Future Combat Search And Rescue Mission - Singer, James E. (USN) 
  • CH-47D Exceeding The User's Requirements - Patla, N.I. (U.S Army) 
  • The Cobra: The Army's Armed Helicopter - Williamson, Donald R. (U.S. Army) 
  • The SH-2F Seasprite: Back In Production - Harrison, R.G. (USN) 
  • The SH-3 Sea King: Modifications For The Year 2000 - Harrison, R.G. (USN) 
  • The TH-57C: The Navy's New Advanced Helicopter Trainer - Pixton III, M.F. (USMC) 
  • The TADS/PNVS: The Eyes of The Apache - Wray, Donald P. (U.S. Army) 
  • The HELLFIRE Missile - Cass, S. (U.S. Army)