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Vertiflite, November/December 1987

Vertiflite, November/December 1987

  • 136 pages
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Vertiflite, November/December 1987

Authors / Details:
  • Vertical Flight in U.S. Naval Services - Dunn, Robert F. (US Navy) 
  • T800 Engine Development Program - Olson, Jeffrey (LHX Program Executive Office) 
  • AHI News - Toward 'Zero/Zero' Helicopter Certification - Jensen, Frank L. (AHI) 
  • The Future Focus of Army Aviation - Parker, Ellis D. (US Army) 
  • Military Helicopters Come of Age - Zugschwert, John F. (American Helicopter Society) 
  • Light Helicopter Family (LHX) Program Overview - Anderson, Ronald K. (US Army) 
  • About the Naval Helicopter Association - Stuyvesant, Bill (Sikorsky Aircraft Div.) 
  • Ailments and Cures: A Simple Checklist for Improving Your Technical Writing - Gerson, Steve (Johnson County Community College); Roediger, Nancy 
  • LHX Production Support - A Step Into The Future - Weand Jr., Arnold E. (Integrated Logistics Support Mgmt. Div., Light Helicopter Family) 
  • The UH-60 Black Hawk: Posturing for the Future - Turner, William E. (AVSCOM) 
  • AH-1 Cobra: Combat Enhancements, Protecting Our Investment in the Fleet - Bertelkamp, John N. (Cobra Program) 
  • Meeting AH-61A Attack Helicopter Design Objectives With a Systems Approach to interconnection - Lawrence, Roland B. (Deutsch Engineered Connection Devices) 
  • Army Special Operations Forces Aircraft (SOF Aircraft) Program - Marstiller, James K. (AVSCOM) 
  • The Navy's H-60 Programs: Meeting New Challenges - Harrison, R.G. (US Navy) 
  • TH-57 and U.S. Navy Helicopter Pilot Training - Church, Hal (Naval Aviation Depot Operations Ctr.) 
  • The EH-101 - Capabilities and Operational Aspects From a Launch Customer's Viewpoint - Pay, Graham (British Defence Equipment) 
  • AH-1W Super Cobra: Around-the-Clock Firepower for the Fleet Marine Force - Pixton III, M.F. (Naval Air Systems Command) 
  • V-22 Pilot/Machine Interface - Simpson, Gary B. (Naval Air Systems Office) 
  • Helicopters and Support Missions - Leibstone, Marvin (NATO Magazine) 
  • Canadian Military Helicopters - A Way Ahead - Veronneau, J.J. (National Defence Headquarters) 
  • Australian Army Aviation and Helicopter Industry - O'Shea, T.B. (Barney) (Consultant) 
  • EH 101 - An Integrated Collaborative Project - Marsh, George (Freelance Writer) 
  • World Military Helicopter Requirements - The Sikorsky View - Kerns, John A. (Sikorsky Aircraft, Div.) 
  • West Germany's MBB Prepares for Future Military Helicopter Programs - von Tein, Volker (MBB Helicoter & Military Aircraft Group) 
  • A-129 - A Family of Combat Helicopters - Giovanni, Antonio (Agusta) 
  • Aerospatiale Military Helicopters - Domanovsky, Paul (Aerospatiale Helicopter) 
  • Westland's Military Helicopter Team for the 1990's - Marsh, George (Freelance Writer)