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Vertiflite, November/December 1990

Vertiflite, November/December 1990

  • 116 pages
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Vertiflite, November/December 1990

Authors / Details:
  • Military Applications - The Backbone of Vertical Flight Technology - Zugschwert, John F. (AHS International)
  • Army Aviation: The Years Ahead - Ostovich, III, Rodolph (US Army Aviation Ctr.)
  • LH Update - Anderson, Ronald K. (US Army AVSCOM)
  • The Light Helicopter Program - Insurance For Tomorrow - Burnett, Clark A. (US Amry Aviation Ctr.)
  • The Role of Army Helicopters in NATO's Next Decade - Farndale, Martin (British Army (Ret.))
  • A129 Joins Italian Army - 'Mangusta' Fielding Begins - Valente, Emidio (Agusta in Rome); Ramage, Gary F.
  • V-22 FSD Flight Test Status Report - Thomason, Tommy H. (Bell Helicoper Textron)
  • The Franco-German Tiger Program: A Status Report - Jonda, Wolfgan (MBB); Libeer, Jean-Paul
  • Longbow Apache Avionics Architecture - Meyers, Paul R. (McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co.)
  • Weapon System Harmonization for Future Attack Helicopters - Courten, Henry C. (DRS/Photronics Corp.); O'Neil, Thomas E.
  • Rolls-Royce Turbomeca and the RTM322 - Powering into the '90's - Rees, Elfan (Helicopter International)
  • The HH-60J Jayhawk: The Coast Guard's New Medium Range Recovery Facility - Baker, Larry (Coast Guard Public Affairs Staff); Tuttle, William
  • Decoding the Cypher UAV - Cycon, James P. (Sikorsky Aircraft Division)
  • Miser's Gold - Simulated Nuclear Testing of the ACAP - Unsworth, Kellie B. (US Army Aviation); Mazza, L. Thomas
  • Thrust Reversing Fighters - A Look Back - Blake, William B. (US Air Force)
  • Two New Helicopters Debut at Farnborough '90 Air Show - McDaniel, Robert L. (Analytic and Engineering Services, Inc.)
  • Flight Data Recorder: AH-64A Enhanced Diagnostic System - Stall, David G. (US Army Aviation)
  • Bell Helicopter Organized to Meet Global Needs - Prince, Phillip S. (Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.)
  • The Mi-38 - A Promising Novelty - Ivanov, Bubnov A. (M.L. Mil Helicopter Plant); Chelov, N.
  • The 16th European Rotorcraft Forum - Zugschwert, John F. (AHS International)