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Vertiflite, September/October 1993

Vertiflite, September/October 1993

  • 76 pages
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Vertiflite, September/October 1993

Authors / Details:
  • Waiting For 'Elvira' - Flater, M. E. Rhett (AHS International)
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Military Operations - Mikel, T.N.
  • Moving Mountains: Lessons in Leadership and Logistics from the Gulf War - Pagonis, William; Cruikshank, Jeffrey L.
  • Out of the Past - Progress? Pressure-Jet Tip-Drive Rotors - Schneider, John J.
  • Reading the Journal for Fun and Profit: The October 1993 Issue - Huston, Robert J. (NASA)
  • U.S. Military Aviation Depot Maintenance Strategy: In the National Interest or Congressional Featherbedding? - Niamtu, John E.
  • Everyman's Plane at Last! The Ultra Sport 54 - Smith, Kim (AHS International)
  • Low Cost Simulation Technology: From the Arcade to Certification? - Stanzione, Kaydon A.; Kolumbic, Dubravka
  • Operators Sound Off: Is Anyone Listening? - Stringer, Paul
  • Apache Longbow Debuts - AHS Staff
  • U.S. Helicopter Quick Reaction Force Defends U.N. Peace Keepers in Somalia - Flater, M. E. Rhett (AHS International)
  • Defense Dependency: Will the Helicopter Industry Recover? - Lawrence, David S.
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights - Aircraft Design - Wilkerson, Joe
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Dynamics - Weller, William H.
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Flight Simulation - Johns, John
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Propulsion - Madej, Paul
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Test and Evaluation - Ragghianti, Adolph
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Handling Qualities - Prasad, J. V. R.
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Manufacturing & Product Assurance - Jacaruso, Gary
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Aerodynamics - Betzina, Mark D.
  • Not for Members Only: Retired, Not Retarded - Stanzione, Kaydon A.