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Vertiflite, Summer 2001

Vertiflite, Summer 2001

  • 102 pages
  • SKU # : v_2001_v47_n03

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Vertiflite, Summer 2001

Authors / Details:
  • GE's Acquisition of Honeywell Founders on Europe's Shores - Flater, M. E. Rhett (AHS International)
  • Perspectives: The Escalating U.S. Aeronautics Crisis - Our Rotorcraft Technology Base Looms as Its Next Casualty - Etter, D.
  • Maximum Descent Angle - Prouty, Ray W.
  • Jumping Up! The Joint Strike Fighters Go Vertical - Maddock, I.A.
  • Joint Strike Fighters Go Vertical Recent Developments - Maddock, I.A.
  • Industry Briefs Congressional Staffers on NASA Rotorcraft Programs - AHS Staff
  • Cool it and Live - Infrared Signature Suppression Becomes a Truly Integrated Part of Aircraft Survivability - Colucci, Frank
  • AHS Forum 57 - Where in the World? - Colucci, Frank
  • Longitudinal Cyclic Control for Tandem-Rotor Helicopters - Prouty, Ray W.
  • The Spirit of the AHS Forum - Smith, E.
  • Sikorsky's Growth Path - AHS Staff
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft in Steep Descents - Prouty, Ray W.
  • AHS Technical Committee Highlights: Acoustics 2001 - Burley, C.L.
  • Reading the Journal for Fun and Profit: The July 2001 Issue - Bousman, William G.
  • The Bréguet-Richet Quad-Rotor Helicopter of 1907 - Leishman, J. Gordon
  • From the Past to the Future of Heavy Lift - Part I: 'Quad Tilt' - Hirschberg, Mike
  • Investigation of Quad Tiltrotor Download - Wood, T.
  • Quad Tiltrotor: Airlift Technology for Army Transformations - Spivey, Dick
  • Intra-Theater Lift is Missing Something - The Aircraft! - Gibson, M.J.
  • Runwan Independent Tiltrotor Aircraft: A Practical Solution to Increasing Air Traffic Capacity - Eckenrod, D.
  • A Technology Transfer Classic: The Brazilian Convertiplane - PiƱero Jr., Erasmo
  • The Curtiss-Wright X-19 V/STOL Aircraft - Fluk, H.
  • Four Ducts and Eleven Gearboxes! The Development of the Bell X-22 - Andrews, H.
  • The German V/STOL Transport Aircraft VC 400 and VC 500 - Niedzballa, H.A. (Engelmann, W.M.)