Rotorcraft Noise Report Library

Rotorcraft Noise Report Library

Publisher Report or Paper Number Year of Publication Availability
Acoustic Design and Testing of the Eurocopter EC145T2 and EC175B – A Harmonized Franco-German Approach Vincent Gareton, Marc Gervais and Rainer Heger
39th European Rotorcraft Forum 
Through ERF
Towards Greener Helicopters
Aeroacoustic Flight Test and Data Analysis for the Validation of Fenestron Noise Computations
Performance Assessment of the Erica Tilt-Rotor in Cruise
Numerical Investigation on Blade/Wake-Interaction Noise Generation 
Improvement of Noise Reduction and Performance for a Helicopter Model Rotor Blade by Active Twist Actuation
Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Results of the Fenestron Noise Flight Test Campaign
The Improvement of Helicopter Noise Management in the UK

Helicopter Noise - What is Important from a Community Prospective?


Research into the Improvement of the Management of Helicopter Noise

Wind-tunnel Tests of a Helicopter Rotor with Active Flaps          
Nonmilitary Helicopter Urban Noise Study          
XV-15 Tiltrotor Aircraft: 1997 Acoustic Testing        
Helicopter Noise and Public Acceptance: A Stressed Relationship Today, a Better Balance Tomorrow          
Understanding Public Acceptance of Rotorcraft          
Towards a Lower Helicopter Noise Interference in Human Life          

Revolutionary Concepts for Helicopter Noise Reduction - S.I.L.E.N.T. Program

Psychoacoustic Testing of Modulated Blade Spacing for Main Rotors          
A Subjective Test of Modulated Blade Spacing for Helicopter Main Rotors          

The Onera-DLR Aeroacoustic Rotor Optimisation Program ERATO: Methodology and Achievements

XV-15 Tiltrotor Low Noise Approach Operations          
Investigation on Broadband Helicopter Rotor Noise          
Evaluation of the Impact of Noise Metrics on Tiltrotor Aircraft Design          
Assessment of Helicopter Noise Annoyance: A Comparison between Noise from Helicotpers and from Jet Aircraft          
High Speed Impulsive Noise and Aerodynamic Result For Rectangular and Swept Rotor Blade Tip Tests in S1-Modane Wind Tunnel          
Should Helicopter Noise Be Measured Differently From Other Aircraft          
Laboratory Studies of Scales for Measuring Helicopter Noise          
Effects of Repetition Rate and Impulsiveness of Simulated Helicopter Rotor Noise on Annoyance          
Detectability and Annoyance of Repetitive Impulsive Sounds          
Subjective Field Study of Response to Impulsive Helicopter Noise          
Evaluation of the Annoyance Due to Helicopter Rotor Noise          
A Study of the Effect of Flight Density and Background Noise on V/STOL Acceptability