2025 Transformative Vertical Flight

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TVF 2024 was an incredible event. Save the date for TVF 2025! 

Plan to be a part of the 2025 Transformative Vertical Flight (TVF) meeting! TVF2025 comprises three events: the 11th Biennial Autonomous VTOL Technical Meeting, the 12th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium and the Short Course on Electric VTOL. TVF 2025 is supported by the VFS Arizona Chapter and will take place Feb. 3-6, 2025, at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This event always sells out, so plan today to be part of this important event. 

11th Autonomous VTOL Technical Meeting: A detailed call for papers will be posted in May, but this page gives general themes of interest.

Technical papers are invited in the areas of autonomy-enabled VTOL aircraft systems and control station design. This includes civilian and military platforms of all sizes, ranging from micro vehicles (MAVs) and small uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS), through full-scale crewed aircraft, with the full range autonomy and associated enabling technologies, including fully autonomous, ground-controlled and optionally crewed aircraft, with combustion- or electric-powered propulsion. Papers addressing all aspects of operator interface design, including both the air vehicle and operator control stations are also invited. 

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle design, including configuration design, gust stability and response, fault tolerant control systems, low Reynolds number aerodynamics, active flow control, self-repairing structures, and simulation and testing of vehicle design. Including MAV, small and large UAS, human-rated on-demand electric VTOL, and multiple-passenger or troop-carrying transport air vehicles.

  • Enabling systems design, including interoperability, net-centric operations (NCO), and sensor systems.
  • Enabling automation / artificial intelligence, including innovative AI algorithms, deep learning,cognition and context recognition, with or without big data.
  • Advanced electric-propulsion including innovative fuel cells, advanced/beyond Li-ion batteries, hybrid-electric or alternative multi-fuel power systems for greater range and payload.
  • Improved human-system integration (HSI) and workload reduction for vehicle and control stationoperator interfaces.
  • Simulation and testing of vehicle design, autonomous behaviors, and HSI.
  • Regulatory solutions addressing the safe operational integration of autonomous VTOL vehicles international and military airspace, including certification and compliance using consensus standards.

Abstracts should be:

  • Limited to 1,000 words

  • Present the status of work and the background data to be used, summarize figures and illustrations to be used (with samples)

  • Include a summary of important conclusions with a statement as to whether similar results have been (or may be) presented or published elsewhere
  • The abstract should be sufficient to enable the reviewer to determine the quality, scope, significance, and current completion status of the information that will be submitted in the final paper
  • Priority will be given to papers in which significant results and conclusions will be provided and in which future research and development are clearly defined.

The abstract deadline and detailed call for papers will be post in May 2024.

12th Annual Electric VTOL Annual Symposium: Held in parallel with the Autonomous VTOL Technical meeting, the eVTOL Symposium will feature invited presentations, panel sessions and discussions by leaders in this exciting field. This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest advancements in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and the challenges that still remain. Invited presentations from all areas of eVTOL will be discussed, from researchers and leaders in academia, industry and government agencies from around the globe, and cover all-electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen-electric propulsion systems.

This is a unique opportunity for designers, developers, innovators, investors, regulators, infrastructure providers, end users, media and key influencers to share knowledge and work towards realizing the eVTOL revolution. This is also a tremendous networking opportunity for those new to the VTOL industry. 

The Vertical Flight Society has been leading efforts in eVTOL since 2013, with more than a decade of eVTOL Symposiums, the Electric VTOL News website, featuring the comprehensive World eVTOL Aircraft Directory, and the fortnightly eVTOL Newsletter, begun in 2016. 

The Short Course on Electric VTOL will take place in-person on Monday, Feb. 3, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. This annual 1-day short course is always a big hit! 

Be a part of this signature event!

Sponsorship & Exhibit Options:
  • Platinum Sponsorship — TBD

  • Gold Sponsorship — TBD

  • Silver Sponsorship — TBD

  • Advertiser — TBD

Exhibitors: The exhibits consist of 10'x10' exhibit booths. Access is part of the meeting venue and registration — there are no visitor or exhibit passes.

More information coming soon!

Hotel & VenueAll events will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
VFS is negotiating special discounted room rates at nearby hotels to provide maximum value for attendees.

Note: hotel guest room cancellation will require a minimum of 48-hour notice.

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