• Ansaldo Energia (Italy): providing
expert consultation on the
alternative hybrid electric-diesel solu-
tion. The company specializes in
manufacturing megawatt-class
power generators.
• Lucchi R. Elettromeccanica (Italy): cus-
tom-designed and built the axial flux
permanent magnet electric motors.
• Rotor Systems Research, LLC (U.S.): in
conjunction with AgustaWestland,
designed the aerodynamic
properties of the rotor blades. Prof.
Gordon Leishman is the principal of
Rotor Systems Research.
• UCHIDA Ltd. (Japan): manufactured
the composite structure for the
blades, shrouds and spokes that were
designed by the Advanced Concepts
Group and AgustaWestland Japan
Asia Technology Center.
• Microtecnica (Italy): developed the
high-bandwidth EMAs for the swash-
plateless individual blade control sys-
tem. Microtecnica is now part of UT
• Oral Engineering (Italy): provided
rapid computer numerical control
(CNC) machining for the rotor and
drive system and is developing an
efficient diesel engine for the alterna-
tive electric-hybrid propulsion solu-
• MB Motorsport (Italy): developed the
motor cooling system, based on its
work on racing cars and motorbikes.
• Aerosviluppi (Italy): constructed the
wiring harness.
• Marc-Ingegno (Italy): customized the
retractable landing gear, based on its
work on ultralight aircraft.
There were no more than two dozen
full-time engineers – including
AgustaWestland’s partners.Wang says.
We “locked them up in one room”with
emphasis on team bonding and
improving communication. The team
was comprised of one specialist in each
area. There was no waiting for responses
Vol. 59, No. 3
Diagrams of the project Zero "technology incubator," like the hover photo at the beginning of the article, show the aircraft without the cockpit fairing.
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