2021 VFS Webinar Schedule

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The Vertical Flight Society is hosting virtual technical sessions, workshops, presentations and interviews on timely and relevant topics in VTOL and eVTOL. These webinars are hosted either by VFS headquarters or by our chapters around the world. There are sponsorship opportunities for each of the webinars.

The programs provide important information to help the community continue advancing vertical flight.  

June 22-23: 2021 Short Course on Introduction to Practical Cost Estimating Methods for VTOL Aircraft
1000-1500 EDT/0900-1400 CDT/0700-1200 PDT/1400-1900 UTC
Lead Instructor: Robert Scott
Instructor: Michael Vegh
Cost Estimating Course

Are you working to build the next great VTOL aircraft? Do you share an interest in trying to solve one of the great challenges to the application of rotorcraft? Whether you’re a student of aircraft design, a professional engineer, or a program manager, this short course is for you. In this 2 day class, we will explain the language, methods, and strategies that define the field of aerospace cost engineering as it is applied to VTOL aircraft. This class will teach you how to estimate and describe the cost of an aircraft and how to identify an affordable design.

More information about the course can be found here.
Vertical Flight Society
June 25, 2021: FAA and VFS Present the Vision Systems Summit
1000-1400 EDT/0900-1300 CDT/0700-1100 PDT/1400-1800 UTC
Moderator: Cliff Johnson, FAA
Speakers: Carlo Tiana, Collins
Trish Ververs, Honeywell
Vision SystemsVision Systems
“Sightlines: The Emerging Role of Advanced Vision Systems for Vertical Flight” Advancements in Vision System technologies offers the potential to “see” clearly in degraded visual environments (DVE); such as those often experienced by rotorcraft. Helicopters are no stranger to challenging operational environments at low altitudes, over water, at night, in high and low lighting conditions, in obstacle-rich environments, and during less-than-ideal weather conditions. Rotorcraft pilots are frequently called upon to operate to and from sites that lack the real estate to support the necessary infrastructure for instrument approaches similar to those used by fixed-wing pilots (i.e. approach lighting and instrument landing systems). To confront these challenges, enhance safety, mitigate risk, and reduce accidents/incidents, the rotorcraft community embracing advanced technological solutions. These solutions include advanced Vision Systems technologies that can provide increased situational awareness capabilities to detect and remain clear of obstacles and weather in visually degraded environments. The Vertical Flight Society is proud to present the first in a series of initiatives focused on exploring the viability and utility of Advanced Vision Systems technologies for vertical flight for the purposes of enhanced safety and a potential operational credit. Although Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) have been in existence for some time and are used by multiple fixed-wing and rotorcraft operators; corresponding guidance and authorizations do not currently exist for rotorcraft for using EFVS on straight-in Instrument Approach Procedures to runways and existing regulations do not support other types of rotorcraft operations (i.e. Point in Space, Offshore, etc.). To address this gap, the goal of the Vision Systems Summit is to develop a framework to enable the use of Vision Systems technologies for enhancing safety and possible operational credit by understanding the particular sensor and display technologies, identifying specific operational profiles, and discussing regulatory considerations associated with these technologies, across all stakeholders. This summit is being presented in partnership with the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST), EUROCAE/RTCA WG-79/SC-213, the Helicopter Association International (HAI), the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA), and other safety teams, government, and industry organizations representing the vertical flight community.
VFS Philadelphia, Arizona and Redstone Chapters
June 28: 2021 BETA Technologies' Herman Wiegman, presented by the VFS East New England Chapter
1200-1300 EDT/1100-1200 CDT/0900-1110 PDT/1600-1700 UTC
Moderator: Harry Nahatis, ENE Chapter President
Speaker: Herman Wiegman, BETA Technologies
NASA Ingenuity

Join us to hear from Herman Wiegman from BETA Technologies! Herman’s expertise is in technical analysis of power and control systems, construction of multidisciplinary models that directly feed real designs. Before BETA he worked on energy storage for GE Global Research where he was Principal Engineer in their Electric Power Technology Center.
VFS East New England Chapter
June 29, 2021: eVTOL Certification 101, presented by VFS/SFTE/SETP/AIAA Flight Test Council
1100-1230 EDT/1000-1130 CDT/0800-0930 PDT/1500-1630 UTC
Speaker: David Webber, FAA Aircraft Certification/Standards
eVTOL Certification
This Webinar takes a look at the existing framework provided by the FAA’s Code of Federal Regulations and its’ implications on “Flight Test” Subpart B (Performance and Flight/Ground Characteristics) and Human Factors certification of aircraft. The Webinar delves into the intent built into the existing framework, and will focus on the application of this framework to the emerging eVTOL operational use cases.
Vertical Flight Society
Thu., July 1: Raising $tartup Capital: eVTOL Financing 101 - Lesson 4
1200-1300 EDT/1100-1200 CDT/0900-1000 PDT/1600-1700 UTC
Max Frischman, Eagle Point Funding
Phoenicia Miracle, Miracle Strategies

eVTOL Startup Capital Lesson 4

We want to help our small business members with innovative ideas be as efficient as possible in their efforts to find funding, and reduce the number of blind alleys that only waste time and effort. A lot of money is being invested in eVTOL/advanced air mobility and a majority of our member companies are active in this space, so these webinars will be focused primarily (but not exclusively) on eVTOL/AAM.
This fourth lecture will feature experts talking about non-dilutive funding opportunities, such as grants, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR), other forms of Government funding and gifts. Our experts for this session represent the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, a fee-based consultancy, and an experienced gift-based fundraiser.
Vertical Flight Society
There will be a limited number of sponsorships available. Contact Jim Sherman to apply for a sponsorship and register.

Platinum Sponsorship: $5,000 — includes logo on the program promotions, 2 minute video promotion at the start of the session. (Subject to approval and availability.)