Contact Congress About SA 2060

AHS needs your help in Congress!

AHS asks all US citizens to contact their members of Congress on a topic that is incredibly important to your Vertical Flight Technical Society. Please take just a minute to send a quick email to your member of Congress!

An amendment in S. 1789, the 21st Century Postal Reform Act passed by the Senate in April, would prohibit all U.S. government employees from attending more than one conference per year, as well as other onerous requirements. Amendment SA 2060, if passed, would add to the already serious limitations on federal government employees (including military) from attending events like the AHS Forum and Specialists’ Meetings – with negative effects on AHS fulfilling its mission – as well as potentially significant reductions in revenues. (See the language of SA 2060 here and the analysis here.)

According to The Hill newspaper, members of Congress are having advanced discussions to quickly pass the bill to reform the Postal Service, due to its serious financial issues. However, if Congress rushes to pass postal reform by the end of the year, they could simply pass amendment SA 2060 without removing this provision. Help AHS today to prevent Congress from simply including amendment SA 2060 either intentionally or unintentionally during the postal reform negotiations.

As background, Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK), Ron Johnson (R-WI), and John McCain (R-AZ) attached SA 2060 to S. 1789 in April in response to the then-breaking GSA scandal. The House did not include the amendment in its postal reform bill, and since April, the association community – led by the American Society of Association Executive (ASAE) – has worked hard to educate Congress of the negative impact SA 2060 would have on our meetings and conferences. By the amendment’s definition, a conference is “a meeting that is held for consultation, education, or discussion; is not held entirely at an agency facility; involves costs associated with travel and lodging for some participants; and is sponsored by 1 or more agencies, 1 or more organizations that are not agencies, or a combination of such agencies or organizations.” These and related issues were discussed in Vertiflite in the May-Jun 2012 (Unintended Consequences) and Nov-Dec 2012 (The Value of Face-to-Face) Commentaries.

Despite the gains made in educating members of Congress on the harm SA 2060 would have on organizations like AHS – and the public good overall – the rushed nature of postal reform could allow the provision to pass in the waning days of the 112th Congress. ASAE delivered letters to key Congressional offices yesterday, but AHS needs your help!

Please use this action alert to personalize a message to members of Congress in your state (or with whom you work closely) to make them aware of this amendment and the damage it could cause to so many public-private partnerships. You can also download the template here (PDF) or here (Word) to send it directly to your Congressional members and any allies you may have. When sending the letter, include a personal story of how you think this would impact AHS and/or other meetings or events that would be affected by SA 2060, and how it would hurt the public good overall. [Please replace “my association” with your personal perspective.]

Please – take action now!