Membership Renewal Options

AHS logoThe Vertical Flight Society has several new membership renewal options and benefits. (Not a member?? See why you should join!) For questions or more information, please contact VFS Membership via email or 1-703-684-6777 x107.

Multi-Year Renewals: We’ve listened to your feedback, and have brought back renewals for multiple years. VFS members can now renew for three or five years and save as much as 10% – that's $40 off of a five-year renewal. (Sorry, this does not apply to the Student or Under Age 30 rates.) Log in to My-VFS and follow the link for "Renew for multiple years and save!" Do you have a subscription to the Journal of the AHS? No, problem! You can renew your Journal subscription for the same time duration. 

Lifetime Membership: We have cut the cost and requirements for lifetime membership. Previously, only individuals who had been members for 25 consecutive years were eligible to pay the Lifetime Member rate of $1,500. We now offer Lifetime Membership at $750 if you have 25 consecutive years of membership, and $1,000 if you have been a member for 15 years. Members with fewer than 15 years of membership may still join for $1,500. Log in to My-VFS to see how many years of service you currently have. 

Emeritus Membership: Those individuals who have been faithful members for 50 years or more need never pay again. We are so grateful to our early members that we have created a new Emeritus Member class to honor your contributions and many years of support. Once your anniversary date passes a half-century, you will automatically be made an Emeritus Member and never receive another renewal notice! (Not sure of your join date? Just log in to My-VFS.)

Hardship Assistance: Any Regular Members who have recently suffered a job loss due to layoffs or downsizing may renew their membership at 50% off. If you've suffered a layoff and are currently unemployed, contact VFS Membership via email or 1-703-684-6777 x107 to renew at half-price. And remember, all members can post their resumes on the VFS Career Center at no charge: If you have moved or changed your email address, please make sure your contact information is up to date so that you still get your VFS benefits. Please log in to My-VFS to make any changes.

Thanks for being a member of The Vertical Flight Society!