2014 Transformative Vertical Flight Workshop

TVF Workshop Group Photo

The first VFS Transformative Vertical Flight Concepts Joint Workshop on Enabling New Flight Concepts through Novel Propulsion and Energy Architectures, was held on August 27-28, 2014, in Arlington, Virginia. The photos here capture some of the pioneers and visionaries of electric VTOL who participated, including those who today are leaders from NASA, Uber, Kitty Hawk, Joby, Piasecki, etc.  

Several presenters agreed to provide their slides to the attendees, now available in our Vertical Flight Library. The full list of speakers are provided in the final agenda, with those whose slides are available listed in a blue font. VFS has continued the annual event, now called the Electric VTOL Symposum. Attendence at this first event was limited to 100 due to the available facility and quickly sold out (as have all of the eVTOL events since). 

TVF1 Workshop in progress (jpg)