3rd Transformative Workshop Briefings


Presentation slides from

Transformative Vertical Flight Concepts:

3rd Joint Workshop on Enabling New Flight Concepts

Through Novel Propulsion and Energy Architectures

Sept. 29-30, 2016, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Workshop Details

Transformative Initiative (Overview and Prior Events)

Workshop Summary (and Uber statement on urban air transportation)

City Airbus concept image

Welcome: Mike Dudley, NASA Ames

E-Volo Flies! And is Ready to Take the Next Step to Urban Mobility, Florian Reuter, e-volo GmbH

NASA On Demand Mobility (ODM) Roadmap

GAMA Electric Propulsion Innovation Committee Update: Greg Bowles, GAMA

SAE Electric Activities Update: Pascal Thalin, Thales Group

LightningStrike Hybrid Propulsion Demonstrator: Dr. Carl Schaefer, Aurora Flight Sciences

Transformative Vertical Flight Roadmaps Outbrief: Mike Dudley, NASA Ames

Los Angeles Urban VTOL Air-Taxi Study: Parker Vascik, MIT

Roadmap breakout sessions

  • Missions/Operational Concepts: Moderators – Mark Moore, NASA and Parker Vascik, MIT

  • Prioritized Technical Challenges: Moderators – Brian German, Georgia Tech and Ken Goodrich, NASA

  • Regulatory Roadmap: Moderator – Tom Gunnarson, Zee.Aero

  • Market/Business Opportunities: Moderators – Mike Duffy, Boeing and Bill Fredericks, Advanced Aircraft Co.

TVF Workshop Wrap Up: Mike Duffy, Boeing

Mike Duffy's Workshop Wrap-Up slide