Safety Initiatives


International Helicopter Safety Team

In 2005, the Vertical Flight Society's Montreal/Ottawa Chapter hosted a specialists’ meeting on helicopter safety. Subsequently, VFS worked with the Helicopter Association International (HAI), Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration, EASA and many other agencies worldwide to create the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST). IHST's goal is to reduce the worldwide civil helicopter accident rate by 80% in 10 years, and to continue to drive towards zero accidents and zero fatalities. VFS is the Secretariat for this international group and there has been significant improvements in safety through the efforts of IHST. Go to to find out how you can help reduce helicopter accidents!

For a detailed statistics on military helicopter safety, read the paper, "Study on Rotorcraft Safety and Survivability," published at the VFS 66th Annual Forum, Phoenix, AZ, 10-13 May 2010.

Also available is the comprehensive study "DoD Helicopter Mishaps FY85-05: Recommendations," By (then) Colonel Pete Mapes, USAF, MC, CFS. The study describes all 917 US DoD Class A-B Rotary Wing Mishaps from FY 85 to 05. It studies 957 lost or severely damaged aircraft and over 3,800+ souls exposed to the mishap situations, based on a study of data archived in the mishap files of the Service Safety Centers.

Drones: Are you an owner or operator of unmanned aircraft? Go to to be sure you fly safely!

Single Engine IFR: Read about the industry initiative to improve safety be allowing pilots of single-engine helicopters use their modern equipment in the event of less than VFR conditions.