Transformative Vertical Flight Initiative

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The VFS Electric VTOL efforts started in 2013 and soon led to the Society's "Transformative Vertical Flight" initiative. The success of the eVTOL industry today is due in no small part to the efforts of VFS and its members over the years. 

Today, VFS has an Electric VTOL Technical Committee, chaired by Dr. Anubhav Datta, University of Maryland. VFS has also created a bespoke website with news and the comprehensive World eVTOL Aircraft Directory, the Electric VTOL News — check it out and subscribe to our semi-monthly newsletter! 

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TVF Workshops and Working Groups

In 2014, the Vertical Flight Society began leading a series of workshops with NASA (and initially with AIAA and SAE) on Transformative Vertical Flight (TVF), and built a community of aerospace professionals that included technical, regulatory and business elements, exploring the potential for new forms of air transportation systems with innovative propulsion systems. The focus has been on systems that embody combinations of on-demand, electric and hybrid-electric propulsion, and vertiport-capable configurations and designs.

The third workshop in 2016 built on the work of the previous two by soliciting expert opinions from the participants on the work and timeframes needed to transform air transportation consistent with the TVF vision. These inputs served as a starting point for the development of an advocacy roadmap needed to generate support for TVF transportation systems, technology, and markets. The TVF roadmap continued to be advanced, but required further refinement and vetting before it could be a credible advocacy tool. To accomplish this, small focused TVF Working Group were establish. NASA created the TVF Roadmap Working Groups to enable volunteers to join and contribute in their areas of expertise. This web portal also provided a means for TVF Working Group members to access tools like virtual meeting spaces, information sharing sites, and rosters of TVF Working Group leads and members. Since 2018, the NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) has been leading these TVF Working Groups:

  1. Personal/Private Vehicles (Short Range)
  2. Commercial Intra-city (Short Range) — Report: Status of eVTOL Technology (Jan 2018)
  3. Commercial Inter-city (Longer Range)
  4. Public Services

In 2019, NASA formed what is now known as its Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Ecosystems Working Groups, bringing together the entire industry to advance AAM. VFS continues to support these working groups as well.

Last updated: April 7, 2021