Educational Membership

Penn State University Rotor STEM Day 2015

The AHS Educational Member Program was established in 1977 to provide educational institutions with the opportunity to participate in the advancement of vertical flight technology.

Educational membership annual dues are $350 and include the following benefits: 
  • Up to two full individual memberships (a value of up to $80 each)
  • Subscriptions to 
    • Vertiflite magazine (print, plus online access to all issues) 
    • The AHS Journal (print) — regularly $80 per member
    • Annual Forum Proceedings CD-ROM — a $320 value
  • Free registration at the AHS Annual Forum for student volunteers — a savings of $400 per student
  • Opportunities to participate on AHS Technical Committees with the leading engineers, scientists and developers in industry, academia and governments
  • Local chapter meetings offered throughout the world
  • Unlimited networking opportunities
  • Assistance seeking employment in the vertical flight industry through the AHS Career Center
  • Opportunity to participate in the AHS International Student Design Competition
  • Participation in AHS’s diverse Awards Program
Also included:
Educational membership in the Society offers organizations a voice and a role in the direction of vertical flight technology and, by promoting student interest, helps ensure the future of vertical flight.

U. Maryland students working on Solar Gamera, the world's first solar-powered human-carrying helicopter. (Photo courtesy of John Consoli) Save $600 — get all our research resources for only $1,500!

For an additional $1,150 per year, get campus-wide access to both AHS Online Store and the AHS Online Journal with your educational membership:
  • AHS Online Store: University-wide access to over 10,000 PDFs of technical paper proceedings from 70+ years of Annual Forums and other technical conferences. Regularly $1,100 for a single site ($200 for each additional site). Includes campus-wide access to all Vertiflite issues, all Forum papers and all Specialists' Technical Meetings!
  • The Journal of the American Helicopter Society: The world’s only scientific journal dedicated to vertical flight technology, it includes over 2,000 peer-reviewed articles on the best technical research from the past 60+ years. Regularly $650 for a single site ($100 for each additional site). 

This special package would normally total $2,100/year, but available only to AHS Educational Members for an annual subscription $1,500. Also available through EBSCO and other subscription agencies. 

For more information or to sign up, contact Betty Chen, AHS Academic Coordinator, by email or +1-703-684-6777 x102.