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Forum 77

Virtual   |   May 10-14, 2021

Forum 77 logo The Vertical Flight Society's virtual 77th Annual Forum & Technology Display, held online May 10-14, 2021, was a huge success! Thanks to all our authors, exhibitor and volunteers who made it such a great event. We had a record of 1,465 registrants!

Nearly 230 technical papers were presented, as well as insights and panel discussions by dozens of key decision makers in industry, the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, NATO, NASA, FAA, EASA and other government agencies and research institutions, looking at everything from advanced rotorcraft to advanced air mobility.

Alfred Gessow Best Paper of Forum 77
Does Scatter Matter? Improved Understanding of UH-60A Wind Tunnel Rotor Measurements Using Data-Driven Clustering and CREATE-AV Helios
Manikandan Ramasamy, Rohit Jain, US Army DEVCOM AvMC
Thomas Norman, NASA Ames Research Center
Best Papers
Aircraft Design
Multidisciplinary Trim Analysis Using Improved Optimization, Image Analysis, and Machine Learning Algorithms 
Thomas Herrmann, James Baeder, Roberto Celi, University of Maryland
Acoustics Analysis of a Quiet Helicopter for Air Taxi Operations
Sicheng Li, Seongkyu Lee, University of California Davis
Advanced Vertical Flight
Structural Design and Aeromechanical Analysis of a Next-Generation Mars Hexacopter Rotor
Cheng Chi, Anubhav Datta, Ravi Lumba, University of Maryland
Does Scatter Matter? Improved Understanding of UH-60A Wind Tunnel Rotor Measurements Using Data-Driven Clustering and CREATE-AV Helios
Manikandan Ramasamy, Rohit Jain, US Army DEVCOM AvMC
Thomas Norman, NASA Ames Research Center
Avionics and Systems
Deep Learning Based Obstacle Awareness from Airborne Optical Sensors
Manogna Ammalladene-Venkata, Omkar Halbe, Christian Seidel, Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
Christine Groitl, Christoph Stahl, Airbus Defense and Space GmbH
Crash Safety
Contribution to Improvement of Helicopter Ditching Capability Achieved within SARAH European Research Project 
Séverin Halbout, Airbus Helicopters
Angélique Jullien, Harish Karekyathanahalli Prakash, ALTAIR
Yoann Jus, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine and Offshore
Benjamin Bouscasse, Ecole Centrale Nantes
Crew Stations and Human Factors
Investigation and Evaluation of a Multimodal Pilot Assistance System for Helicopter Operations
Tanja Martini, Michael Jones, Philipp Mevenkamp, Niklas Peinecke, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Jürgen Schmidt, Airbus Helicopters
Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL)
Development of "Aria," a Compact, Ultra-Quiet Personal Electric Helicopter
David Coleman, Moble Benedict, Hunter Denton, Atanu Halder, Bochan Lee, Carl Runco, Farid Saemi, Texas A&M University
Vishaal Subramanian, Crystal Instruments
Eric Greenwood, Pennsylvania State University
Vinod Lakshminarayan, Science and Technology Corporation
Handling Qualities
High-Speed Rotorcraft Pitch Axis Response Type Investigation
Tom Berger, Mark Tischler, US Army DEVCOM AvMC
Joseph Horn, Pennsylvania State University
Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
Probabilistic Damage Estimation for Rotorcraft Condition-Based Maintenance
Dakota Musso, Jonathan Rogers, Georgia Institute of Technology
Manufacturing Technology and Processing
Lichten Award Paper: Variational Tolerance Analysis (VTA) - Design and Manufacturing Optimization Using Statistical Simulation
Andrew Lavoie, Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Co.
Modeling and Simulation
Real-Time System Identification Methods for Estimation of Sling Length on the Load Stabilization System (LSS)
Christina Ivler, University of Portland
Derek Sikora, Vita Inclinata Technologies
A Retrospective & Historical Analysis of Vertical Lift Infrastructure Accidents for the Purpose of Operational Risk Identification and Accident Prevention
Rex Alexander, Five-Alpha LLC
Cliff Johnson, Federal Aviation Administration
Raymond Syms, HeliExperts International
John Roberts, US DOT Transportation Safety Institute
Distributed Electric Propulsion and Flight Control Concept to Meet EASA SC-VTOL-01 10-9 Catastrophic Failure Criteria
Patrick Darmstadt, Andrew Arkebauer, Allan Beiderman, Ephraim Chen, Caitlin Dillard, Sheevangi Pathak, Boeing Co.
Mihir Mistry, Anduril Industries Inc.
Structures and Materials
Surface Tolerant Adhesives for Bonded Airframe Structures
Majid Sharifi, Huntsman Corporation
Ian Brown, AVX Aircraft Company
Delaney Jordan, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center
Gyaneshwar Tandon, University of Dayton Research Institute
System Engineering Tools/Processes
Approach to Architecture Development Assuming a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) for a Family of Systems (FoS) Acquisition
Thomas DuBois, John Kisor, Robert Matthews, Michael Orlovsky, L3Harris
Test and Evaluation
Combining Simultaneous Density and Velocity Measurements of Rotor Blade Tip Vortices under Cyclic Pitch Conditions
Johannes N. Braukmann, Andreas Goerttler, Markus Raffel, Clemens Schwarz, C. Christian Wolf, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Unmanned VTOL Aircraft and Rotorcraft
Deterministic Reconfiguration of Flight Control Systems for Multirotor UAV Package Delivery
Anthony Gong, Mark Tischler, US Army DEVCOM AvMC
Ronald Hess, University of California Davis
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