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Forum 63

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA   |   May 1-3, 2007

Alfred Gessow Best Paper of Forum 63
Best Papers
Application of CFD/CSD Coupling for Analysis of Rotorcraft Airloads and Blade Loads in Maneuvering Flight
Bhagwat, Mahendra; Ormiston, Robert; Saberi, Hossein; Xin, Hong
Crash Safety
Deployable System for Crash-Load Attenuation
Jackson, Karen; Kellas, Sotiris
Flight Simulation
Flight Test, Simulation and Passive Stabilization of a Cargo Container Slung Load in Forward Flight
Cicolani, Luigi; Raz, Reuben; Rosen, Aviv; Gordon, Rachel; Cone, Andrew; Theron, Johannes
Test and Evaluation
Global Ultrasonic Shear Wave Anti-Icing Actuator for Helicopter Blades
Palacios, Jose; Smith, Edward; Zhu, Yun; Rose, Joseph
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Forum 63 Awards, 2007
Forum 63, 2007 May 1-3, 2007 Virginia Beach, Virginia USA


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