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Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA   |   May 3-5, 2011

Alfred Gessow Best Paper of Forum 67
Experimental Investigation and Fundamental Understanding of A Slowed UH-60A Rotor at High Advance Ratios
Anubhav Datta, STC; Hyeonsoo Yeo, U.S. Army; Thomas Norman, NASA Ames Research Center
Best Papers
Advanced Vertical Flight
Design, Development and Flight Testing of a Twin-Rotor Cyclocopter Micro Air Vehicle
Moble Benedict, University of Maryland College Park; Raghav Gupta, University of Maryland College Park; Inderjit Chopra, University of Maryland College Park
Understanding Brownout using Near-Wall Dual-Phase Flow Measurements
Anish Sydney, University of Maryland; Ajay Baharani, University of Maryland; J. Gordon Leishman, Universit of Maryland
Aircraft Design
Blue Edge: The Design, Development and Testing of a New Blade Concept
P. Rauch, M. Gervais, P. Cranga, A. Baud, J-F. Hirsch, A. Walter, Eurocopter; P. Beaumier, ONERA
Avionics and Systems
Developing A Low Cost Ground Velocity Sensor
Aaron Halverson, Bell Helicopter; Eric Covington, Bell Helicopter
Crash Safety
Validation of Crashworthiness Simulation and Design Methods by Testing of a Scaled Composite Helicopter Frame Section
Christof Kindervater, DLR; Rodney Thomson, CRC-ACS; Alastair Johnson, DLR; Zoltan Mikulik, Bishop GmbH
Crew Stations and Human Factors
Improving Deceleration Guidance for Rotorcraft Brownout Landing
Gregory Neiswander, San Jose State University
Experimental Investigation and Fundamental Understanding of A Slowed UH-60A Rotor at High Advance Ratios
Anubhav Datta, STC; Hyeonsoo Yeo, U.S. Army; Thomas Norman, NASA Ames Research Center
Handling Qualities
MH-47G DAFCS Helicopter Aerial Refueling Control Laws
Bryan Kashawlic, The Boeing Company; Joseph Irwin, The Boeing Company; Jeffrey Bender, The Boeing Company; Mark Schwerke, The Boeing Company
The Aeronautical Exploits of Jacob Ellehammer
Angelo N. Collins & J. Gordon Leishman, 
Manufacturing Technology and Processing
Mechanical Comparison of Out-of-Autoclave Prepreg Part to Conventional Autoclave Prepreg Part
Caroline Dang, Boeing; Karl Bernetich, Boeing; Geoffrey Butler, Boeing; Erika Carter, Boeing
Modeling and Simulation
Handling Qualities Evaluation of an Adaptive Disturbance Compensation System for Ship-Based Rotorcraft
Jared Cooper, Barron Associates Inc; Joseph Horn, Penn State University; John Schierman, Barron Associates Inc; Thanan Yomchinda, Penn State University; Eric O'Neill, Penn State University
Product Support Systems Technology
Impact Of RFID Technologies On Helicopter: Assessment On Customer Oriented Indicators
Charlotte Jimenez, EUROCOPTER; St?phane Dauz?re-P?r?s, ENSM-SE; Christian Feuillebois, EUROCOPTER; Eric Pauly, EUROCOPTER
Parametric Instability of Face-Gear Drives with a Spur Pinion
Meng Peng, University of Tennessee; Hans DeSmidt, University of Tennessee; Zihni Saribay, Pennsylvania State University; Edward Smith, Pennsylvania State University
Structures and Materials
Double-Linear Cumulative-Damage Reliability Method
Robert Benton, US Army Aviation Engineering Directorate
Test and Evaluation
High Airspeed Testing of the Sikorsky X2 Technology (TM) Demonstrator
David Walsh, Sikorsky Aircraft; Steven Weiner, Sikorsky Aircraft; Kenneth Arifian, Sikorsky Aircraft; Thomas Lawrence, Sikorsky Aircraft; Mark Wilson, Sikorsky Aircraft; Thomas Millott, Sikorsky Aircraft; Robert Blackwell, Sikorsky Aircraft
Unmanned VTOL Aircraft and Rotorcraft
Evaluation of Safe Landing Area Determination Algorithms for Autonomous Rotorcraft Using Site Benchmarking
Marc Takahashi, US Army Research, Development, & Engineering; Avi Abershitz, Israel Aerospace Industries; Rafael Rubinets, Israel Aerospace Industries; Matthew Whalley, US Army Research, Development, & Engineering
The Effects of Ambient Conditions on Helicopter Rotor Source Noise Modeling
Eric Greenwood, NASA; Fredric H. Schmitz, University of Maryland
Systems Engineering
A Systems Engineering Modeling and Simulation Approach for Rotorcraft Drive System Optimization
Sylvester V. Ashok, Daniel P. Schrage, Alexander Robledo, Georgia Institute of Technology 

A rotorcraft drive system is a complex and tightly coupled system that performs the function of transferring engine power with speed reductions to the lifting rotor, anti torque device and other accessory systems while minimizing transmission power losses. The preliminary design of this system takes into consideration the vehicle concept, power requirements, airframe layout for engine and transmission housing, and gear optimization. The optimization evaluates parameters and design options such as gear type, diametral pitch, material, helical angle, shafting and overall configuration. The paper discusses a modern systems engineering and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach focused on improved redesign capability and design integration. A digitized modeling and simulation environment was created to perform optimization with gear structural analysis and parametric Computer Aided Design (CAD). Also discussed is the implementation of this methodology for a multi-role helicopter drive system design.
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Forum 67 May 3-5, 2011 Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
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Forum 67 May 3-5, 2011 Virginia Beach, Virginia USA


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