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Grapevine, Texas, USA   |   May 27-29, 2009

Best Papers
Reduced In-Plane, Low Frequency Noise of an Active Flap Rotor
Barbely, Natasha; Janakiram, Ram; Sim, Ben Wel-C.; Solis, Eduardo
Advanced Vertical Flight
Investigation of an Extremely Flexible Stowable Rotor
Datta, Anubhav; Sirohi, Jayant
Investigation of Sediment Entrainment in Brownout Using High-Speed Particle Image Velocimetry
Johnson, Bradley; Leishman, J. Gordon; Sydney, Anish
Aircraft Design
Rotorcraft Operating Envelope Expansion Using Extendable Chord Sections
Gandhi, Farhan; Hayden, Eric; Leon, Olivier
Crash Safety
Rotorcraft Fuel System Drop Test Simulation Methodology
Rajan, Samgeeth; Smith, Michael; Tho, Cheng-Ho
Flight Simulation
A High Fidelity Brownout Model for Real-Time Flight Simulations and Trainers
Dorsett, Michael; Gilmore, Phillip; Keller, Jeffrey; McClure, Kevin; Wachspress, Daniel; Whitehouse, Glen; Yu, Ke
Handling Qualities
A Method to Determine Maximum Flight Control Authority Through Hardover Failure Testing
Christensen, Kevin; Hollifield, Pat; Koelzer, Helmuth; Olmstead, Michael; Wiggins, Les
Impact Damage Detection for Fiberglass Composite Rotor Blade
Adams, Douglas; Budde, Carson; Koester, Dave; Meckl, Peter; Yoder, Nathanael
Three-Dimensional Model-Based Manufacturing Work Instructions
Hagan, Robert; Lichtner, Daniel; Senesac, Christopher
Product Support
Enhanced Erosion Protection for Rotor Blades
Hong, Shek; Rosenzweig, Edwin; Thomas, Warren; Yu, Chin-Jye
Structures and Materials
Strain-Based Fatigue for High Strength Aluminum Alloys
Arcari, Attilio; Calhoun, Christopher; Dowling, Norman; Moore, David
Test and Evaluation
MV-22B Osprey Short Takeoff and Minimum Run-On Landing Tests Aboard LHD Class Ships
Geyer Jr., William; Mitchell, Virginia
Uninhabited VTOL Aircraft
Vision-Based Target Recognition and Autonomous Flights Through Obstacle Arches with a Small UAV
Adolf, Florian-Michael; Andert, Franz; Dittrich, Joerg; Goormann, Lukas
Systems Engineering
Methodologies and Tools to Support the Architecting of Complex Helicopter Avionics Systems
Butler, Robert; Lewis, Johnathan; Manninen, Michael
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Forum 65, May 27-29, 2009 Grapevine, Texas USA


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