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Phoenix, Arizona, USA   |   May 6-8, 2003

Best Papers
Transonic Helicopter Noise
Dowling, A.; Hynes, T.; Karabasov, S; Morgans, A.
Dynamic Stall Measurements and Computations for a VR-12 Airfoil with a Variable Droop Leading Edge
Chandrasekhara, M; Geissler, W.; Martin, P.; McAlister, K.
Avionics and Systems
Improving Army Aviation Situational Awareness with Agent-Based Data Discovery
Barton, Joyce; Gerken, Peter; Jameson, Stephen; Sidharta, Brian
Crash Safety
Water Impact Test and Simulation of a Composite Energy Absorbing Fuselage Section
Fasanella, Edwin; Jackson, Karen; Sareen, A.; Sparks, C.
Crew Stations and Human Factors
Pilot Attitudes on Glass and Traditional Cockpits in the U.S. Army's AH-64 Apache Helicopter
Adam, G.; Francis, G.; LeDuc, P.; Rash, C.
Flight Simulation
Simulation of Helicopter Shipboard Launch and Recovery with Time-Accurate Airwakes
Horn, J.; Lee, D.; Long, L.; Sezer-Uzol, N.
Handling Qualities
Piloted Evaluation of a UH-60 Mixer Equivalent Turbulence Simulation Model
Blanken, C.; Lusardi, Jeff; Tischler, M.
Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
Helicopter Transmission Diagnostics Using Constrained Adaptive Lifting
Pines, Darryll; Samuel, Paul
Integrated Manufacturing Process and Control Technology
Process Development Through Simulation
Russell, M.
STOVL Concepts
Italian V/STOL Concepts of the Twentieth Century
Hirschberg, Mike; Mueller, Thomas; PiƱero, Erasmo
Uninhabited VTOL Aircraft and Rotorcraft - Intelligent Autonomy Architectures
Envelope Protection in Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Prasad, J.; Unnikrishnan, S.; Yavrucuk, Ilkay
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Forum 59 May 6-8, 2003 Phoenix, Arizona USA


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