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Fort Worth, Texas, USA   |   May 10-12, 2022

Forum 78 logo The Vertical Flight Society's 78th Annual Forum & Technology Display held in-person at Fort Worth, Texas May 10-12, 2022, was a huge success! Thanks to all our authors, exhibitor and volunteers who made it such a great event.

The 3-day in-person event included more than 200 papers on every discipline from Acoustics to Unmanned Systems were presented, as well as insights and panel discussions by dozens of key decision makers in industry, government agencies and research institutions, looking at everything from advanced rotorcraft to advanced air mobility.

Alfred Gessow Best Paper of Forum 78
Toward a UAS Handling Qualities Specification: Development of UAS-Specific MTEs
Christina M. Ivler, Kate Russell, University of Portland
Anthony Gong, Tom Berger, Mark Lopez, U.S. Army CCDC AvMC
Best Papers
Helicopter Noise Source Separation Using an Order Tracking Filter
Joel Sundar Rachaprolu, Eric Greenwood, Pennsylvania State University
Advanced Vertical Flight
Robotic Hummingbird versus Quadrotor: a Flight Dynamics and Gust Response Comparison
David Coleman, Moble Benedict, Texas A&M University
High Speed and Highly Efficient Rotor Blade Design
Byung-Young Min,  Alex F. Dunn, Annie Gao, Vera Klimchenko, Claude G. Matalanis, Brian E. Wake, Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Co.
Aircraft Design
Wing Lift Enhancement from Aft Rotor Induced Suction
Richard Healy, Farhan Gandhi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Avionics and Systems
Evaluation of Flight Control System Architectures for the AH-64
Bryan C.H. Chu, Gary Klein, Russell Enns, The Boeing Company
Crash Safety
Advanced Seat Belt System for Occupant Restraint
Marv Richards, Safe Inc.
Crew Stations and Human Factors
Differential Role of Gravitoinertial Cues for Active and Passive Control in Degraded Visual Environments
Martine Godfroy-Cooper, E. Bachelder, J.D. Miller, SJSURF/U.S. Army TDD AvMC
Jean-Christophe Sarrazin, ONERA
B. Bardy, Euromov
Time-Frequency Analysis of Experimental and Analytical Hub Loads of a Rotor Undergoing a Rotor Speed Change
Martin Sekula, NASA Langley Research Center
Carl Russell, NASA Ames Research Center
Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL)
Fabrication, Testing, and Comparative Analysis of Lithium Sulfur and Lithium-Ion Electrochemistries
Emily Fisler, Anubhav Datta, University of Maryland
Handling Qualities
Toward a UAS Handling Qualities Specification: Development of UAS-Specific MTEs
Christina M. Ivler, Kate Russell, University of Portland
Anthony Gong, Tom Berger, Mark Lopez, U.S. Army CCDC AvMC
Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) - Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
Improving the Performance of Bearing Analysis
Eric Bechhoefer, Josh Kethan, GPMS Inc.
God's Machine: The Miracle at Gander
Paul Fardink, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Manufacturing Technology and Processing
Manufacturing Innovation for Bell's Future Factory
Amber Pike, Bell Textron Inc.
Modeling and Simulation
Rotorcraft Pitch-Surge Motion Cueing Requirements for a Simulated Offshore Approach Task
Josephine Roscoe, Mark D. White, Steven J. Hodge, Gareth D. Padfield, University of Liverpool
Expectations, Test Results, and Lessons Learned, Flight Testing an RF DILR ALE
Mike Lengyel, Bob Burzynski, Dan Ferrante, Sid McManus, Elbit America
Product Support Systems Technology
Scheduled Maintenance Program Development for the Leonardo AW609 Tiltrotor via the Maintenance Review Board Process Utilizing MSG-3
Titos M. Gosalvez, Nicholas Flynn, Leonardo Helicopters
Dynamic Load Analysis of Motion Converter Ball Bearings in a Pericyclic Transmission
Nick Weinzapfel, Nathan Bolander, Sentient Science
Tanmay Mathur, AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corporation
Edward Smith, Pennsylvania State University
Hans DeSmidt, University of Tennessee
A Structured and Comprehensive Air Vehicle Risk Assessment
Laurence H. Mutuel, Bell Textron Inc.
Structures and Materials
Improved Strain Gage Instrumentation Strategies for Rotorcraft Blade Measurements
Timothy Davis, U.S. Army DEVCOM AvMC
System Engineering Tools/Processes
Sikorsky Airframe Full Spectrum Customer/Supplier Collaboration
Darryl Toni, Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company
Test and Evaluation
Automatic Category A Takeoff for H145 – Development and Flight Testing
Carl Ockier, Daniel Reber, Marc Salesse-Lavergne, Paul Prevost, Airbus Helicopters
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Forum 78 Tech Awards & Committees
Forum 78 Technical Awards, Committees, Short Courses, etc.
Forum 78 Special Sessions
Special Sessions on May 10-12, 2022 at Forum 78 in Ft. Worth, Texas.
Forum 78 Nikolsky & Opening General Session
Forum 78 Opening General Session & Nikolsky Lecture, May 10, 2022
Forum 78 Exhibits & Reception
Forum 78 Reception on May 10, 2022 and other exhibit photos on May 10-12, 2022. Photos for VFS by Warren Liebmann
Forum 78 Awards
VFS awards presented at the 78th Annual Awards Ceremony, on Thursday, May 12, 2022, at Forum 78.


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